In to another research by marmara university students, research

In the 2014, a research was conducted by the Assistant Professor Doctor ?hsan ÖZCAN in the scope of the expertise and wisdom research Marmara University,which explains expertise and wisdom.He asserted that expertise and wisdom means a comprehensive knowledge of a particular area and he argues that it is similar.According to another research by marmara university students, research advocates the idea that everyone should try to be wisdom. So,how accurate is this idea? If people are a wisdom individual, people can say that I have enough knowledge about a subject.I believe that this research done by Assistant Professor Doctor ?hsan ÖZCAN is not sufficiently persuasive when examined in a logical way and i think that expertise and wisdom people are not alike and I am not saying that anyone should be wisdom or expertise one to based on researches I have done from various impartial sources and observations. One of the strongest supports of the research that ?hsan ÖZCAN  said “If a person is a wisdom, he or she  state of being wise and has the ability to use knowledge and/or experience intelligently.”While he defended wisdom will be more useful to collect, he was benefited from the psychologist Adnan BA?YAZICI’s opinion. According to Adnan’s opinion,wisdom and expertise are interconnected.What it means that someone who is wisdom may be knowledgeable in the branch of someone who is expertise but someone who is expertise knows only about own branch.However, because I do not agree with Adnan BA?YAZICI’s opinion because of the contradiction.Obviously, someone who is expertise can not enjoy life.Because expertise is focused on a subject.But a person who is a wisdom becomes a virtuous person by experiencing everything he has come across in life.My idea is to get to experience about everything to make this life enjoyable.So, I wanted a person who is a wisdom. One of the other strong reasons for the research that ?hsan Özcan had done was that expert people are more successful than wisdom because they spend more time in own job to become successful.In addition, someone who is a expert, is working on a topic for years to be experienced and competent people and according to expert people and ?hsan ÖZCAN’s research, “Wisdom people are more inexperienced and need expert ones.”On the contrary, I think in the following way: wisdom people are richer in terms of experience and someone who is a wisdom, has a perception of every corner of life.While wisdom people have the ability to deal with each difficulty, expert people can only deal with difficulties in their own branch. According to the research conducted by ?hsan ÖZCAN, being an expert makes your life more beautiful and you have a better future.On the other hand, if you are a wisdom person, you have lots of experience.So, people need both expert and wisdom.Because,you do not go to a wisdom person when you are sick, or if you want a good person in power, you will not vote for someone expertise.As a result, expertise and wisdom may resemble each other, most people think so too.Although expertise and wisdom are different from each other, expertise and wisdom have always been in a relationship with each other.In this case, I agree with the idea of Adnan BA?YACI in the first paragraph. As a result, being expertise or being wisdom has been debated for years.Although ?hsan ÖZCAN was advocating being an expertise, he later learned that being a wisdom was also a useful person for society.He wrote this in the journal of Hürriyet in 2014.Therefore, a person should not choose to be expertise or wisdom. Instead, human beings have to be shaped according to their life.This is completely my thought.There are people who are expertise, and add us a lot things about information but there are wisdoms and add a lot to us about everything of life.