In to 100 billion of neurons . 4- We

In my assignment I will talk about
definition of central nervous system and how we can protect it from injury also
I will talk about cranium and vertebral columns .

First of all , The human body is consist of
systems like respiratory system , digestive system , and nervous system , ….etc
. as we know the nervous system is a big and its very complicated system .

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The nervous system is consist of two parts
, the first one which is Peripheral Nervous System ( PNS ) , and the second one
that we will talk about it is Central Nervous System ( CNS ) .

Definition of Central Nervous System :

The part of the nervous system which is
consist of brain and spinal cord , to which sensory impulses are transmitted
and from which motor impulses pass out to coordinate and organize activity .

And there is some fast fact about Central
Nervous System ( CNS ) :

1- Its consists of spinal cord and brain .

2- The Brain consume 20% of our oxygen .

The Brain has up to 100 billion of neurons .

4- We can divide brain into four major
lobes : temporal , frontal , occipital , and parietal .

Brain :

Those mind may be a stunning three-pound
organ that control the sum work of the body , interprets majority of the data
from those outside world , and embodies that character of the mind and soul .
Intelligence, creativity, emotion, and memory would a couple of the Numerous things
administered by brain. Ensured inside the skull, the brain may be created of
the cerebrum, cerebellum, Furthermore brain stem. Those brain stem acts
Concerning illustration a transfer focus interfacing the cerebrum and
cerebellum of the spinal cord .

Those cerebrum receives data through our five senses: sight, smell,
touch, taste, Furthermore hearing – regularly a lot at one time. It assembles
those messages as it were that need significance to us, What’s more might store
that data for our memory . Those brain controls our thoughts, memory Also speech, movement of the
arms and legs, and the functions of a number organs inside our form. It
Additionally determines how we react should distressing circumstances (such
Concerning illustration taking An test, losing An job, or enduring an illness)
by managing our heart and breathing rate .