In that can eliminate virus from infected area. They

this article, they show how important the computer security and computer ethics
in management information system. Malaysian government commit with information
and communication technology or (ICT) for the development of their moving
towards a knowledge based society. Based on the survey that they made, they
identified that there are 245 university students in Malaysia are aware in
computer security and computer ethics. And according to the experts in computer security discipline, universities
are the most secure places in the world. Maybe because universities are
commonly aware by incidents of accessing inappropriate websites, copyright
infringement and misuse including peer file sharing.


They define computer security as a protection for computer systems from the theft
and damage to their hardware, software or information, as well as from disruption or misdirection of the services
they provide. In this article they said that Malaysia is ranked 8 out of 10 top-infected countries in the Asia Pacific
region as a target for cyber attackers, so that’s why Malaysia commit with
information and communication technology to prevent cyber attacks. Not just
that they also aware of their computer system so they currently used other technologies
and methodologies such as anti-virus, fault-tolerant and high availability computing
technology, firewalls, data security software and programmed procedures can be utilized
to create a control environment.

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They used antivirus software to check computer
systems and disks for the presence of various computer viruses that can
eliminate virus from infected area. They used firewall to prevent unauthorized access
to or from a private network. And also they encrypt password to their computers
to secure their personal data’s. They define computer ethics as the
analysis of the nature and social impact of computer technology. There’s a lot of
people are using computer early as now, we all know that since
the internet has emerged privacy is one of the major issues. So that’s why
computer ethics is there, according to this article computer ethics has four
components and they are access, personal privacy, responsibility and ownership.





And also there has 10 commandments of computer ethics, the
first one is “thou shall not use a computer to harm other people” means you
must use it in a good way. In this first commandment this article said that it is the
foundation for computer ethics.  The second commandment is “thou shall not
interfere with other people computer work” means mind your own business. The
third commandment is “thou shall not snoop around in other people’s computer
files”. The fourth commandment is “thou shall not use computer to steal”. The
fifth commandment is “thou shall not use computer to bear false witness”. The
sixth commandment is “thou shall not copy or use proprietary software for which
you have not paid (without permission)”. The seventh commandment is “thou shall
not use other people resources without authorization or proper compensation”.
The eighth commandment is thou shall not appropriate other peoples intellectual
output. The ninth commandment is “thou shall not think about the social
consequences of the program you are writing or the system you are designing”.
And the last one commandment is “thou shall always use a computer in ways that
ensure consideration and respect for your fellow humans.


In categories of management information system/ethics related
research the article shows three areas which are the Social Aspect Area, Group
Differences Area and Technology Affects Area. In Social Aspect Area they
focuses in identifying ethical issues regarding computer use and also the
accessibility ,property, privacy, and accuracy, of the computer. And in the
Group Differences Area they compared the ethical beliefs of managers operating
in South Africa and Australia. 


are several test and survey they made to know who among the different genders
is the most aware in computer security and computer ethics. There are 103
female responses to the test, the 79 females are the computer science major and
the 24 females are the non major students. And in the male category there
are142 males are response to the test, survey, the 80 male students are the
computer science major and the 62 male students are the non major students.