In techniques are adopted to understand some specific phenomenon.

In the mixed method approach, both
quantitative and qualitative techniques
adopted to understand some specific phenomenon. Flaws sy bchny k leay. According to Patton (1990), while investigating behaviors and attitudes, use of
multiple data collection
is suitable. Generally it is believed that the use of multiple
and data evaluation processes, the evaluators maximize the advantage
each process and reduces the flaws of using one approach. This approach not
the validity but the reliability of data will also be increased. According to
(1994) significant issues should be evaluated through mixed method approach.Siegel, Wright and Lockett (2007) suggested mixed methodology
because it
multi-disciplinary areas. Several researchers proposed to use the mix
approach; they were of
the view that the addition of other methods (such as
interviews) enhances
impact of traditional experimental and non-experimental
approaches, which
triangulate the results (Aldrich and Baker, 1997; MacMillan and
Katz, 1988; Hargrave
and Van, 2006). Additionally, qualitative methods allow
‘inductive reasoning’
while providing consideration to perspective; make them
suitable to ensure the
circumstances in which variables are not identifiable or their
understanding is weak
(Miles and Huberman, 1994; Denzin and Lincoln, 2005;
Creswell, 2003).3.2 Research Methods:To solve the current problem accurately, first-hand information or
primary data
were obtained through
distributed the self-administered questionnaires. The
survey was conducted
from 3rd January 2016 to 24th January 2016 and the
respondents were
requested to respond entire questions in the questionnaire and
return back immediately
to the researcher.

reason to conduct this research is to find out the determinant variables of
knowledge based
economic performance and the mediating impact of Quadruple
Helix innovation
based research collaborations in the relationship between
determinant variables and economic competitiveness. Uses of analysis result. The result was then used to find out the ways to transform the
Malaysian economy from production
based to knowledge
based. Therefore, this research examined the importance of Quadruple Helix research collaborations for the
transformation of Malaysian economy to knowledge based economic

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