In stocks were constantly moving I was losing money

In this activity I learn to buy and trade stocks, having part of a stock therefore you own some of the stock you have you buy. Stocks are constantly moving as is you can be gaining money one day but loose money the next. You can choose to invest in how much money you want to have and how much you are willing to risk. I bought 2 parts of Amazon because they are constantly with shipping and people buying, placing orders. I got 90 share part of twitter that was the one I got the most in because I’m constantly on social media so I know that app is always being used and people are always on. I would check my Stocks once a week to see the changes and the progress. I was once at one of the last people in the contest but that was only because of one of the stocks I had bought was losing way too much money. I decided to sell it and invest the rest of my money in PSX. The way I was buying my Stocks was looking at yahoo to see the history of stocks that were doing good and would hardly be losing money. Now with the knowledge I have about how the Stocks work and how much to buy I think I could have made better decisions on which ones I had chosen. I could’ve made better investments in other stocks that we’re gaining more money and invest way much more instead of taking such a small part. I was afraid of losing so much money so I would only the such a small part in the company. My stocks were constantly moving I was losing money at one point but then after I sold stock and bought more of another one I was gaining so much that I was once in first place for the competition. My Stocks stopped moving so I stayed at a place where I was only gaining money but at a slower rate. With stocks it’s necessary to go in with knowledge of how stocks work. In which stocks are the best to invest in. There are many websites to help you and guide you into the right direction on purchasing stocks, such as CNN, Yahoo and many more. You can review past stocks of a company and evaluate their growth. Which I wish I had known so I could have made better purchases and wasted money properly. Stocks aren’t the only way to save for retirement just because it is risky to only have stocks for your retirement. It’s best to have other sorts of insurance for your money and to secure you for the future. Having a retirement plan with a bank and money saved from your social security is also a good plan for your future. They are so stocks that can help you for retirement and make you money, stocks are a good way for you to continue making money without having to work. You can always sell back your stock or continue to have it even when there’s money being lost. After this game I’ve learned more about what stocks are and how they work. I didn’t really know much about purchasing stocks and how you can invest into companies. Now with this knowledge I know that for in the future if I want to retire and have my money continuing to grow stocks are a good way to do that. Even with knowing the risks it’s still one I’m willing to take, when I’m older I’m mostly will be investing into stocks. It was a fun game and I should have made better choices on my stocks but I made 4th, so I did a pretty good job for a newbie.