In States generally all had a commonly held belief,

In the 19th Century, the settlers in the United
States generally all had a commonly held belief, that it was the destiny of
American settlers to expand and move across the continent, spreading their own
traditions and institutions, while enlightening more primitive peoples. It held
that the United States was destined, by God, as its advocates believed at the
time, to expand across North America, spreading capitalism and democracy. At
the time, American settlers considered the Hispanic and Indian populace to be
inferior, and therefore needed to be enlightened. They believed the United
States to be the best possible method for a country. Thus, they felt they
needed to push their ideas upon the rest of the continent.

Many Americans had believed that their God blessed the
growth of America, and even demanded they continue to expand. As the settlers
thought they had superiority in their culture and race, they felt that their “destiny”,
so to speak, was to spread their rule and enlighten lesser nations. The belief
that their mission was to impose way of life, primarily Puritan, on everybody
else, was one that was commonplace during the time.  They believed that their God, by the separation
of the United States from Europe, gave them the chance to create the ultimate government,
which they wanted to spread to unenlightened peoples. In the July-August issue
of the United States Magazine and
Democratic Review, an anonymous author had claimed “our manifest destiny is
to overspread the continent allotted by Providence” to further expand the
development of an ever-increasing population.

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Manifest destiny had a profound impact on the developing
United States. It was the push for American settlers to go further and further
to the west, driving many Native Americans from their homeland, among other
things. Due to it, the United States acquired a large amount of land and became
much wealthier. However, it did lead to war with Mexico in the 1840s, as well
as the destruction of Native American settlements. Overall, the actions of manifest
destiny massively increased the size of the United States, and allowed it to
gain wealth through gold in California and silver in Nevada.

Overall, manifest destiny was one of the reasons the United
States grew to the size it is today. It had both positive and negative
consequences, the size and wealth of the United States grew explosively, but in
return, slavery was spread to those regions and Native Americans were pushed
out of their lands. Although the belief of American cultural and racial
superiority had led to the vast expansion of what we now know as the United
States, it also casts a light on the Hispanic and Native American people as
inferior and in need of enlightenment. The expansion in the 1840s in many ways,
touched upon issues such as economy, race, morality, patriotism, and religion. These
ideas clashed within the still-expanding United States as conflicts occurred where
they “enlightened” people.