In shop floor management to solve the task for

In order to
summarize the constituents of shop floor management and categorized into
different then the empowering every single employee and utilizing their full
potential, presence of leading personnel on the shop floor, using various
concepts of visualization, introducing new organization forms like mini-factories,
fostering the application of improvement and problem solving processes, and facilitating
competency development on the shop floor.


The shop floor management
tracks the actual state of production against the defined target by using KPI’s

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The shop floor management is
based on the continuous improvement process where every day the team leader get
together and discuss the problem every day. As the team leader complete their
task of meeting they move to their master and discuss the problem that they
faced tomorrow. As the meeting of the team leader will be based on 6.00am
morning and goes until 1 hour. After that, the meeting g goes to move to the next level
and discuss with the master. The meeting between the team leader and the master
will be held on shop floor table. Where they check
the KPIs and discuss the problem and the target. As the meeting of this done
they move to another level and the meeting will be held between the master and
assembly manager. As they have a different
table where they have different KPIs and problems which are not solved at the
previous meeting between the master and team leader can solve here. As the
problem is bigger the decision will extend
to further authority and try to solve the problem and look out the KPIs as they
are in the right categories.


The shop floor table is used for two purposes one for the looks on the KPIs so that
it can reach to the targets and another one use for to solve the problem of the
production house as they are facing during the working time. As the shop floor
table is organized and prepare in such a
way that it can correlate this two work
simultaneously. As we implemented the T-card system in the shop floor
management to solve the task for a particular person who is authorized to work
for that purpose.