In reigning political party. Regardless of the status in

In the world that we are
living. There are only three things permanent, and that is Birth, Death, and
Change. Birth and death come close together while change comes along in the
Middle. Nevertheless, let us not focus on the permanent things, instead let us
focus on the concept of change. Change is a process/act to make something
different. We may like or dislike change, because of its effects. Yet on the
other side of it, let us face reality and the concept of change in the
Development Wold.  In the case of the
Philippine system, the people are desperate for a huge change without
revisiting the past. Politicians are very eager for a rush process to have a
charter change upon the demand of their many and the reigning political party.
Regardless of the status in life people are also tired of the rusty old system
of the Philippines. For decades and even centuries the Philippines system has
remained as it is. Poverty has always been a problem and the cause of internal
war between the watchdogs, the left, and the government. However, if you trace
up in the principle of democracy, it should not be on a rush. Genuine Charter
Change will come into a process. No matter how slow and expensive it is. People
must not look unto the massive wave of rush change. Taking in process of
plebiscite, wherein the citizens of the Philippine are consulted upon their
choice of a charter change, constitutional amendments, or retaining the recent
constitution as it is. If the citizens are decisive to that certain change.
People must look unto the other side and think critical to the “What ifs” in
the mere future and what will happen to the present times. The decision of the people
today may affect the state as a whole in the future. Since the people are
lifeline and the soul of the state. It is the one who bring real change from the
transition of systems from the past. Politicians also shall take into
consideration of revisiting the past and the transition political systems in
the Philippines. It has been said that those who don’t learn the lessons from
history are fated to repeat its mistakes. (Juhasz, 2009) The Constitutional Assembly may have
proposed amendments of the recent constitution.  The legislatures shall take into consideration
to the principle of Abraham Lincoln Democracy “For the people, By the people to
the people.  The Constitutional assembly
may take a lot time and a lot of money, but benefits of the doubts the detailed
process of genuine change maybe upheld. Let us not look unto the 1987
constitution rustiness or taking it into the pool of change because halo wave
of change. But look unto the other side change has already been served but
there are things that needs in the constitution that needs to be amended
without cutting its essential parts for democracy such as the Bill of rights,
Suffrage, Citizenship, Declaration of state policies and principles, the
national territory under the Archipelagic Doctrine of UNCLOS, and our preamble.
Let us think of the possible future. Think of the people who’ve lost their
lives just to serve this democracy that we have just abuse. Think of the
hundreds of families in Palawan who are still stuck on their fears on going
home to their mother nation. Think of the people who’ve seen the past that we
rejected. Think of the Filipino children tomorrow. Will they feel even more
democratic and exercise their rights freely. Look unto the legal stuff that
politics may not interfere and the principles embodied by the government shall
adhere. At the end of the day the Philippine democracy is a blessing for all of
us Filipinos today from our heroes during the transition of our government who
have sacrifice their lives to serve the nation’s liberty today and tomorrow.