In mind. This will also help you to avoid

In our present world, there is basically nothing
that does not use English language. Due to this, it has become an absolute
necessity for everyone to be good in English. There are plenty of reasons why
learning English is important. For example,

This is the age of technology and
internet. At this time, most websites use English language. So, in order to
exchange information and learn different things, it is important to learn English.

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English is the most widely used
language. Most of the countries emphasizes learning English as a second

English is the official language of 53

Around 400 million people speak,
communicate and interact in English.

English requires very easy and simple

Even though many people understand and can use English,
it is difficult for most of them to speak and interact through it. This is because;
speaking does not give the time of thinking. You have to speak, even before you
can form the sentence in your mind properly. Due to this, it becomes difficult
to speak in English, while writing seems quite easy. For this reason, here are
a few ways that can help you to improve your English speaking proficiency.

1.      Do
not try to learn and use too much grammar while speaking. Whenever you try to
focus on using too much grammar, you lose focus on what you are saying. So,
rather focus on forming a meaningful sentence and saying it without hesitations.

2.      Use
transitions for example, however and besides, whenever you need time to form a
sentence in your mind. This will also help you to avoid using fillers while

3.      While
speaking, do not think of it as your second language. Imagine it as the only
mean of your communication and speak.

4.      Find
a partner or friend to practice English with. You will be able to figure out
each other mistakes and correct them. Besides, you will get a constant partner
with whom you can improve your English proficiency. This will motivate you and
will get the support you need.

5.      Use
English as often as you can. The key to be fluent in any language is using it
as often as possible. Even if the people around you cannot speak English,
continue your practice.

6.      Do
not fear of making any mistakes. Do not feel awkward and stop speaking, just
because you are making mistakes. Remember that, the more you make mistakes, the
more you will actually grow, the more you will learn and the more is the chance
for you to reach your goal.

7.      Just
talk. As much as you like. Keep talking in English, without worrying about
anything else.

8.      Listen
to English music and figure out the lyrics. This will help you to understand English
better. Watch English movies and series. This will help with your fluency and accent.
You will automatically start using the phrases that you got to know from movies
and will be able to improve your accent gradually.

9.      Try
to improve your vocabulary. If you know enough words, you will not have to
think or look for words to express what you want to say. Knowing more words
give you the privilege of using it easily without thinking and hesitations
while speaking.

10.  Make
speaking in English a habit. I have seen people, who speak English even when
they are mad. This is because; they converted English into a habit. Makin it a
habit will help you to be constantly in touch of the language.


Speaking in English is actually not as hard as it
seems. For the most part, it is all about practice. The more you practice, the
more you become proficient. The more use it, the more you become. Proficiency
in English will help you to grow in different sector, will increase your skill
and open many opportunities for you. So, do not hesitate while talking. Shake off
your hesitations and start practicing as early as possible. These steps will
definitely help you along your journey to become proficient in English.