In during my work experience. I had to analyze


In today’s world, knowledge is everything. The best and most trusted way of
expanding knowledge is by advancing and upgrading your educational degree with
best skillset. With the power of the internet and after deep research on
universities in terms of curriculum, location and personal interest, I was able
to find your college which is the best for pursuing the specialization I had in
mind. Management Information System (MIS) degree from name of the university
will play a crucial role in converting my dreams and aspiration into tangible
outputs. My interest towards MIS Program started when I had to look into few
project requirements documents during my work experience. I had to analyze the
project requirements and got an opportunity to detail the test scenarios
implementation to clients. There were times when I received very few
implementation reviews from clients where I had to change some part of the
design code logic. This experience motivated me to look the business
requirements in client perspective and thereby decide the design logic suitable
to the requirements. I loved the way business requirements were presented and
that is when I have decided to pursue this course and get more exposure to deal
with the gap between business needs and technology.    

My interest in computers started way
back, like everyone when I used a computer for the first time. To my young
eyes, this was a wonder beyond comparison as this piece of box was able to do
things that I thought required physical tools. The internet, even though in its
adolescence, helped me to understand more about what computers are. Computers
were the magic box. So, I decided to learn this magic. This curiosity worked
like an inception in my mind which pushed me to learn more about computers and
turned my destiny to be around them.

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I took Computer Science in my diploma where I learnt the basics of the
Computer Science and came to know that there was much to computers than what it
initially seemed to be. I learned how essential computers are to a human being
and how they influence every aspect of research, health care, defense and
various other fields. When we are curious about something, we push ourselves to
satisfy this curiosity which lead to my thirst for knowledge. This resulted in
me being rewarded with A+ grade (Distinction) in my Diploma and further to
pursue my bachelor’s degree in the Computer Science from Pune University,
Maharashtra with A+ grade (Distinction). I was able to visualize, identify, and
understand how various aspects in a computer work inclusive of the programming languages,
networking etc. As I was able to grasp various concepts of computer science, it
pushed me to do many projects to get practical experience and understand more
as it is said “Hands on Experience is the best experience”.

I have worked on various projects during my studies which really helped me
get a better grasp of the knowledge I got through my educational journey. To
begin with, in my Diploma I have developed Library management system and
College student database using and MS Access. My role in these projects
was to gather the details from college staff and analyze them properly to
include requirements during the designing phase. In my bachelor’s degree, I
have developed a State transport management system using and oracle. I
initially designed the project requirements and thereby categorized them into
different modules to divide them among a team of four.  The inputs which I have taken from public
transport offices regarding the hurdles faced by them really helped me to
design the project which is suitable to them and made their work much easier
with the newly designed software. I later decided on the technologies which
needs to be implemented for each module and divided the work to my team members
based on the knowledge levels they were comfortable on each technology thereby
to develop a highly reliable software.    After completion of the project I have suggested
good inputs to the transport team to ease their work in currently designed
software. They were really happy with the improved software without any
limitations and have given good appreciations to our team. This is when I
realized my interest and expertise in databases which helped me in selecting my
final year project in Data Mining. The project was on Decision tree algorithm
for Uncertain Data with the use of Bagging & Boosting Technique. To
summarize the project, Decision tree algorithm was used on set of uncertain
numerical data and its outcome was given to Bagging and Boosting algorithms to
get more precise result. This project was developed using Java and data mining
tools like weka. My part in this project was to code the functionality and to
implement the decision tree algorithms in the project. I have presented this
project in other colleges as well and have got recognitions for the same. The
project gave me experience on how to visualize and scale the systems for more
number of users and my passion towards data mining and databases. Also it
helped me in gaining many strong concepts of data mining which were beyond our

I have also completed the certifications like OCJP (Java Professional 1Z0-851)
and IBM DB2 (Academic Associate) during my bachelor’s degree to improve my
programming skills. Apart from certifications, I have also attended workshops
on various programming languages like C, C++ and C#.

I have not only been recognized for my passion in computers but also for my
management skills. Being the Student Ambassador for IBM Centre of excellence,
my responsibility was to act like a bridge between IBM and College department.
I was also the Creative Committee head during the annual college fest. Apart
from this, I have attended boot camps of NSS (National Service Scheme)
voluntarily, NSS basically helps in rural educational development.

In pursuit of my passion towards working on databases I joined Accenture
Solutions Private Limited as SQL DBA (Database Administrator) to have more
hands-on experience and expand my knowledge on how the world works with
databases in real time. I have worked with Accenture for 4.5 years and it has
been the quite a significant journey. During my tenure in Accenture, I worked
with Microsoft (client), where I managed and supported many critical database
applications. I have been awarded with APEX award (Work Smart Q4 FY15), ACE
award (Extra Miler FY15 Q2) and Star of the month award (September 2014) and
recognized many times for being competent at work by giving CP points. To
further sharpen my skills, I have done a couple of certifications at Accenture
like SQL Server DBA (70-462),
Windows Azure (70-533) and ASP.NET MVC (70-486).

I worked for NGO MAD (Make a Difference) which supports the educational
growth and development of under privileged children. I am also an active member
of Accenture CSR (Corporate social responsibility) group for four long years,
where we conduct many programs like blood donation, tree plantation, clean-up
campaigns, awareness among different set of people to save natural resources
and many more. I am passionate about Travelling and Recreational activities. I
am an avid traveler with lot of trekking and mountaineering experience.

Though I learned things through my academic and professional life, the
thirst for more knowledge still burns within me and I want to continue down on
the path of gaining it. I want to enhance myself so that I can progress down
the path that got created with the spark of curiosity. I believe that “data is
the new oil “, using the current combination of business acumen and the
technology acumen we can lighten the lives of the world brightly by using this

The main aim in opting for an American standard of education is its very
high competence particularly in the field of information system. Hence, I
earnestly look forward to a fruitful association with name of the university
and hope that the admission committee finds my academic and professional
experience in line with the requirement of the MIS program.