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In the world of power automation system operations on a large scale in the manufacturing industry is a little different than power automation in the Wind Turbine industry. The Use of SCADA software and PLC’s in the manufacture industry are some of the components on the electrical network communication, demand for speed and production not necessary means, accuracy and safety.In the Wind Turbine fields, safety and accurate information are a priority, the demand for technicians with advanced skills in SCADA and PLC’s not only makes the market more Now a days SCADA and PLC’S play important rolls on the mechanical automated system, in the Wind Turbine farms the electrical network control system operate the wind turbines in the field. This network uses a communications protocols like Ethernet to transfer data to a master control unit where a PC with a SCADA software store and processes it in a database. This information is a valuable to the management team in the master control unit because can provide the necessary instructions to the right plc in the field. The PLC or programmable logic controller is and industrial control system with a central processing unit that monitor and process information received, that information is send as an output to devices controlled under the PLC. PLC’S and SCADA interact in the Wind Turbine industry in a compatible way, PLC’S are for the most part installed at the base of the Wind Turbine to monitor the proper functions of the wind turbine, PLC’s in the wind turbine industry monitor input devices, like switches, sensors and encoders, the information received is scanned , processed and send to the output devices like motors, valves, fans etc.Ladder diagram language is the most common programming language o on PLC’S, however, is not that only programming language available forPLC’S, have an standard language know as IEC 61131-3 however,due to different preferences and uses consumers can choose the programming language they want from the PLC’S, when some languages are preferred for specific functions others are preferred for their high structural level, coordinating big and complex task in to smaller task.PLC’S and SCADA are very compatible in the wind turbine industry, a PLC monitor, control and send information to a SCADA in the master control unit to be processed, filed and storage for a future use, eventually resend back to a PLC to prevent, fix or notify about failure in the system or specif out put.Since the uses of relays in the industry, SCADA as a program has evolve thru the challenges and technological events since their creation, conventional ladder logic was created based in the principles of open and closed old relays now a days SCADA’S evolution include math operations and functions that before their creation was unthinkable. Perhaps, the future of SCADA and PLC’S will continue to evolve thru the future challenges en benefit of the wind turbine industry, not only in the collection and process of information, also in safety features and versatility.Citations(N.A.)PLC Languages.Retrieved 1/13/2018 from: is the definition of “PLC”?.Retrieved 1/13/2018 From: Systems.Retrieved 1/14/2018 from: T.2015.What is How SCADA system works.Retrieved 1/13/2018 from: systems (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition): evolutions and market 2022.Retrieved 1/14/2018 from: