In being used to keep minorities down and from

  In America schools that are underfunded usually have the majority of their students coming from a minority background.  Would the cause of this be due to these students being poor, or just the fact the community is poor and has few resources around it, but maybe it could be because of the race. Recently a ” scientist by the name of David Mosenkis finds that poverty alone does not explain the underfunding. Mosenkis delved into funding data for 500 school districts in the state of Pennsylvania. Because richer school districts are able to drum up more cash through taxes, they should receive less state funding, and poorer districts should receive more. He looked at how much money they received and sorted those findings based on race and income.” – the Atlantic. I believe that both race and class has to do with this and also the offer picture of how young kids from these minority communities are starved educational on purpose so that they could be denied opportunities such as going to a college institution or  university. Thus making the future of these communities at risk of going to back to the times of MLK. Henceforth coming the saying “make America Great Again”.                The cause of this systemic racism has to be from low funding for these minority schools. An explanation of this comes from the Atlantic article which state “If you color code the districts based on their racial composition you see this very stark breakdown. At any given poverty level, districts that have a higher proportion of white students get substantially higher funding than districts that have more minority students.” This means that no matter how rich or poor that district is, the god inside funding for America lies upon the racial composition in that school alone. Strengthening my argument that this is being used to keep minorities down and from being successful in the future.              The cause of this systemic racism can’t only come from the low funding to these minority schools but also to the cuts to education in the national budget. In the article at it states “Approximately 1 in 4 black students participate in after-school programs, and if federal funding were instead increased, another 4.5 million would participate. If enacted, the reduction of after-school and summer programs will leave millions of black students without opportunities and activities provided by these crucial services. After receiving K-12 support, nearly two-thirds of black undergraduates at public four-year institutions depend on tuition assistance received through Pell Grants, which are also on the chopping block.” This example shows how cuts have a negative effect upon minorities and it shows that programs that are put in place to help minorities are being shut down due to cuts. Another example of how budget cuts have a negative effect upon minorities is “the  budget proposal also calls for around $200 million in cuts to federal TRIO programs, which benefit low-income, first-generation, and disabled students, and GEAR UP, a program that helps prepare low-income middle and high-school students for college.”thus showing how programs that have been in place to help this cause have also been ended due to the cuts to education in the national budget.        Schools in which majority of the students are minorities are usually underfunded schools. This has a negative effect on all the minority groups inside of America because it trumps the future and growth of these groups.making us as a community go back in time to the days of “Jim crow laws” thus coins the phrase of “Making America Great” which takes away all the hard work that minorities went through to get this far. However I think that we can fix this systemic racism by voting in every election doesn’t matter if it’s general or primary. Especially primary because who ever wins that could end up being the next president of the United States in the next general election. That way we could have government officials who are in office that look out for the middle and poor  class instead of tearing it apart and making it even worse. Another way in which this could be overcome is by instead of cutting the educational budget cut into something else in the national budget such as the military. Educational should remain in touch because the outcome of that could affect the following generations of this nation because then you’ll be investing into the kids. Also cutting in to this can take away resources from kids who go to public school and thus make them less competitive for when they grow up and try to apply for jobs or colleges. Since they wouldn’t have complete knowledge of subjects in which schools teach such as simple arithmetic or reading on a grade far below there’s such as a first graders level when their 18.