In and broke the smallest one. Goldilocks felt very

In a forest, a family of three bears lived in a little cottage. The family of Papa bear, Mama bear and Baby bear lived in a pretty cottage with bright colors and lovely flowers growing outside. They love porridge and Mama bear would make it every day.One day Mama bear prepared the porridge but it was very hot. So the three bears family went for a walk and left the porridge to cool down so they can eat it when they return.On the other side of the forest lived a young beautiful  girl with long golden hair and everyone called her Goldilocks. She loved to spend time in the forest with animals and she was surrounded by tall trees and beautiful good smelling flowers.One morning she went for a walk in the the forest as usual and her mother asked her to look for berries and watch out for the bears living in the forest. Goldilocks was always happy when she walks in the forest where the flowers, rabbits and colorful butterflies always made her happy.After walking for some time, she felt a little bit tired. She saw a cottage and walked towards it. She took a peek through the window and decided to go in for a few minutes.Goldilocks went inside the cottage and saw 3 bowls that were filled with porridge and after trying the three bowls, she decided to eat the porridge in the smallest bowl. Then she decided to rest for some time and then go back home. She  tried the three chairs and broke the smallest one. Goldilocks felt very bad and decided to wait for the cottage owner to express how sorry she was for eating the porridge and breaking the chair.She was very tired and decided to take a nap in the baby’s bear bed. Soon after, the three bears family came back from their walk and discovered what happened to their cottage. They found Goldilocks sleeping in the baby bear’s bed. She woke up to find the bears standing in the room. She was very scared and jumped out of the window and kept on running till she reached home.The moral of the story that Goldilocks learned: It is important to respect the privacy and property of others and how some of our actions unintendedly could hurt other people.