Immigration country because of the wars that destroyed their

Immigration is one the biggest issues people can deal with now a days. Hundreds of thousands of people legally and illegally enter the United States. Those immigrants come from all around the world leaving everything behind hoping to find better life. A lot of people think that the United States of America is the best place to go to. Immigrants mostly migrate from their home country because of the wars that destroyed their homes and the lack of right they have. They come to search for protection, benefits, and better life here.  Immigration ales the United States of America different from any other country in the world. America has, is, and will always be the nation of immigration. The truth is America has always struggled with the issue of immigration, both legal and illegal. Changing times, however, makes it necessary  that our government reconsider and adjusts today’s standards. Americans now are faced with a difficult situation. The country must think and decide if they are willing to accept new immigrants or whether they can at least afford the new ones. They also have to understand and go through the processes of what are the steps of accepting an immigrant whether legal or and illegal.Immigrants are also what had helped the USA to be as it is today. Being a multicultural country standing united. This is what makes our country special and exceptional. There are many ideas in America. German, Chinese, Latin, Italian, and African as well are what makes this country great. They all surely have different culture, traditions, and ideas but they all have the same “American Dream.” The immigration history in America is pretty complicated. It all began when The French and the Spanish came here to establish new settlements. Then the British and Europeans came to find land as well. Americans used Africans as slaves to work for them. Immigration had a lot of effects on the US economy both positive and negative effects. People coming from different countries are ok with working longer hours and they take jobs that American don’t want to  work in. and that is the positive side, immigrants will accept any job you offer them and any price. And that brings labor people from other countries work harder than American they put a lot of effort.”One of the key principles guiding the U.S. immigration system has been admitting foreign workers with skills that are valuable to the U.S. economy. Current U.S. immigration law provides several paths for foreign workers to enter the United States for employment purposes on a temporary or permanent basis. This fact sheet provides basic information about how the employment-based U.S. immigration system works.” People from other places sometimes has working skills that the people we have can’t do. and they can for longer time so and get more work done And Factory owners they give the job to immigrants people because they work more hours and will except to get paid lowerThere’s a lot of immigrants with no documents or paper to identify them, that’s the negative side for both the immigrants and the US. It’s bad for the immigrants because they don’t get paid a lot. an immigrant can get paid a 25,000$ a year and they American person can get paid 100,000 and they have the same skills The difference is the immigrant doesn’t have documents. And one other problem is they take almost all the jobs and our country end up with a lot of homeless people and people who don’t have money to live or eat.One other issue is education not all immigrants finish their studies because there not able to pay for colleges. And the numbers shows that the immigrants that get to go to college are smarter than the American people. Are law should work more on immigrants right and give them more opportunities. They make our country better and successful. They bring a lot of ideas from their home countries and those ideas can help us get better and smarter. In the last couple of months our president started talking about immigration and how it can hurt our country and have a negative effect on us and he threatened couple of countries and ban them from entering the United States. And he didn’t let people out who were from those countries. The president have the power to do what he wants and what he thinks but we need to look at the positive side of the immigrants and what they brought for our country and we can’t take away their rights.Immigration is one of the 5 keys to america success over the past 50 years we have gotten better and greater. If we look at it we have to look at the positive stuff before the negative they have more positive than negative. Why would you want to kick out someone who’s trying to make you country better and stronger. We have to work with those people they came from somewhere else and they do different stuff over there we have to use that and take the ideas and make us better.but we also have to stop those people who trying to act like they’re trying to help us and after we let them in they answer with attacks and killing people. Our problem is not immigrants we have to work harder on protecting ourselves from the inside of our country protecting ourselves from the inside of our country. The government works more on the outside and tries to be the strongest in wars but we have to work more with the inside. There’s a lot of laws that need to be changed and made better.    One of the biggest problems is “The United States is already overpopulated in the sense that we are consuming our national ecological resources at an unsustainable rate. Our growing dependence on foreign energy supplies is a prime example. We now depend on foreign imports for 28.8 percent of our energy consumption: two-thirds of our petroleum products and about one-sixth of our natural gas Because of the abundance of our nation’s resources, we have long been careless about our level of consumption, but it is the precipitous rise in the U.S.” The United States getting a lot of immigrants in the last couple of years. Many people think if they stopped immigrants for a couple of years it will be better.It won’t hurt them because other countries accept immigrants too like Canada and other places. It will be a big problem if we keep getting people to move here the population will be so high and the country will lose a lot of benefits.”Illegal immigration, as well as immigration in general, is overwhelmingly upward, from a poorer to a richer country. Reasons for taking a risk of living illegally in another country are not only the expected improvements in income and living conditions, but also the hope of eventually being allowed to remain in the country legally,” Some people leave for a better life and others for Plans of killing people and drugs immigration is not only human immigrating it’s a lot of stuff. The United States get to deal with a lot of drugs issues and one of the causes that is illegal immigrants.