Imagine their right hand over their heart and recite

Imagine your a student and you’re sent to school every morning to learn subjects like math, social studies, english and science but you are not sent there to blindly and unwillingly say the Pledge of Allegiance every morning and have the teachers and the board of education force you to recite it even though it’s a violation of the constitution. The first Pledge of Allegiance was written by Francis Bellamy in 1892 for a Boston magazine called “The Youth’s Companion.” The wording of the first Pledge differs only slightly from today’s version. The first Pledge is as follows, “I Pledge allegiance to my flag and to the republic for which it stands One nation, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.” In 1954, the Pledge (the one that we know and sometimes love) was again changed when Congress allowed the addition of the words “under God.” The Pledge of Allegiance has been a tradition to recite at schools while military personnel salute the flag other citizens and students put their right hand over their heart and recite it in unison, kind of like brainwashed zombies that can’t say anything other than it, every morning, for the rest of your school career. It’s a separation of church and all the other atheists, cultures, religion and ethnicities. The Pledge has been revised and it excludes every other religion. There are alot of people in the United states including immigrants from all around the world that have different religions which means if america is about the “land of the free and the home of the brave”(U.S.A national anthem) then schools should not be able to force students (especially of different religions) to recite the Pledge every morning.First, it’s a separation of church and all the other atheists, cultures, religion and ethnicities. “…the inclusion of the words “under God” amounts to government endorsement of religion”(Zissou). The Pledge of Allegiance tells everyone who is forced to say it that they are under god, not just that it says that you are only under god. What about Allah and Mary and the Saints the people who Muslims and Catholics worship and honor, do their beliefs not matter to you is this why the United States is called  the “land of the free?” “…at least 40 states require daily recitation of the Pledge in public schools…”(Zissou), meaning that schools should find time to say the Pledge like Illinois, Massachusetts, New jersey, Tennessee, Texas and Maryland, This means over ? of american schools are required to find time to recite the Pledge. It’s unfair for others to be forced to say it every morning that’s why It should be optional.Furthermore saying the Pledge of Allegiance every morning is unconstitutional. Saying the Pledge is a violation of the 1st Amendment. Based on the law the government won’t enforce it on the people. This law for more than 40 states, states that it’s required schools to find time for students to recite the Pledge every day. “…the words “under God” it violates the Constitution’s guarantee of freedom of religion” (Goodstein).  Without this amendment then we would have to recite the Pledge but it is there and the government and school officials have to follow it in order to appeal to everyone and not cause conflict between the school and its students. Even though some people may think reciting the Pledge is a way to show patriotism, it’s also not teaching kids how to be patriotic forcing them to recite it makes them not want to say it anymore.