Image the years, sports has become a very famous

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“How Basketball Changed to Change you
and the World”

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the years, sports has become a very famous trend all around the world. In fact,
it seems like you can find sports anywhere you go at any given time. If you
were to be asked about sports, what certain sport pops out in your mind? It’s
very safe to say that sports has brought an impact in to our lifestyle for the
past years. When you come to think of it, there’s this one sport that became outstanding and very useful in every person’s life; and
that is basketball. A lot of people are aware that basketball is a sport that is
well-known around the world, but what some people are missing about is the fact
that basketball has become more than just a sport. Basketball has become a very
big help to a countless number of people not just to the ones who play it, but
also to the people who doesn’t play basketball. This amazing sequence of events
from being just a physical activity to being an impact all over the world has
given basketball a great case on being one of the best discoveries ever. If you
think that this is an overreaction, a superlative to make this paper effective,
or the author is just being biased, then what you should do is to sit back,
relax, and get ready to know how basketball has crossed beyond its borders to
leave a mark in the history as one of the greatest discoveries of all-time.


From Being an “Athletic Distraction”

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Going back
to where it all started, in 1891, a 30-year old man named Dr. James Naismith
was currently working that time in YMCA International Training School as a
physical education teacher was struggling to find an


activity that would serve as an “athletic distraction” for the students(The
Basketball World, 2014). Come winter time, when the footb

all season
ended, they were challenged to find a game that would strike the hearts of the
students and would make them interested (Springfield, 2017). A game that could
be played indoors and during winter season. Naismith then accepted the
challenge, and proved that it is possible to have an interesting and fun sport
during the cold season. This broke the ideology that the only way to have an
“athletic distraction” is with a very large space, but today we could see that
basketball is being played anytime, indoor or outdoor, everywhere all over the
world. It’s amazing how it exceeded way beyond the expectations. Even though
Naismith wasn’t able to witness how the game developed and evolve, it’s
fortunate that he was able to see how quickly basketball has become from being
just an “athletic distraction” to being a very famous Olympic sport (The
Basketball World, 2014). Basketball’s instant success was very unbelievable,
but out of all the possible factors of its success, there were three major keys
to this sport’s success that were evident and made basketball the best
discovery among the others.


Physical and Personal Benefits

people to like something, of course the very first thing that they would
consider is that the benefits that they would get from it. Basketball could
help you in various ways, and one of them is weight control. Just so you know,
a person who weighs 170 pounds could burn up to 617 calories by just playing
basketball for about an hour (Mack, 2017). I couldn’t agree more to that
statement. The fact that basketball requires constant body movement while
running back and forth through the court and non-stop jumping makes you burn
fats. Yes, it’s very hard and tiring, but doing it more in a constant basis
will make your body adapt to the pace and physicality of the game. Other than
the weight control, basketball could also


your stress. Yes, it does! Even if basketball is a competitive game, you could
unwind with basketball all by yourself. Compared to other sports, you’ll need
to have another person

to be able
to play with (Mack, 2017). But with basketball, the mere practice of shooting
the basketball by yourself and seeing those shots go in could provide you a
very soothing, relaxing, or satisfying relief, and that is without the need of
playing with someone.

Group Perks

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The next thing that probably gave basketball an edge to being
a very useful discovery is its benefits socially. Most of the time, people play
basketball when they’re with their friends. They rarely play basketball with
person that they don’t know. But when you go to a basketball court and observe
the people out there, you’ll see that most people there just became friends
from time to time, and that is because of their common interest, basketball.
The players were given a chance to engage with everyone and have a fun
competition with them while having interaction or conversation with one another
(Mack, 2017). So in a wider point of view, it’s safe to say that basketball is
“low-key” or slowly developing one trait in every community, and that
is unity. That leads to the last point.



Influences Unity

Image Source: NBA Cares

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If there would be something that basketball has brought an
impact, it would be the unity that it brings over time. If you would study and
watch the evolution of the game called basketball, you would see the unity of
the different basketball players. For example, the associations were doing
charity works such as giving donations to the needy and building school and
hospital projects for the kids. Here, you will see how the game basketball
became more than just a “sport”. If you would come to think of it, what does
basketball have to do with these charity works, right? It seems senseless or
pointless, or whatever you would like to call it, but you cannot deny the fact
that basketball’s evolution didn’t just bring an impact to the players itself,
but also to anyone that doesn’t even know basketball. One existing proof of
that is the NBA Cares program. It is a social responsibility program that was
raised by the NBA to give help regarding the different issues in the society
which has already helped 18 Million youths per year by motivating them, building
houses, fund raising, and charities in over 1,115 places around the world (NBA
Cares, 2017). Basketball is more than just a sport and it’s more than just a
man’s hobby or passion. Basketball also builds a strong bond of friendship
within its players. Whether you’re just an amateur or professional, basketball
will build new friendship and strengthen your friendship to both of your
opponents and especially to your team mates.


Image Source: NBA

Source: NBA Cares

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Behind all those projects, charities, and benefits, do you
think it would’ve been still done without this sport? As all of you know,
change is inevitable. Surely, basketball brought change to this world and to
the people. If you would take a look at it, all of those mentioned above was
changes not just to the players itself, but also to the people who probably
doesn’t even play the sport. Don’t believe it? After the recent hurricane
Harvey stroked Houston, a lot of sports organization didn’t hesitate to pledge
up reliefs for the victims; one of them is the Houston Rockets (Dator, 2017).
The Rockets, a professional basketball team in the NBA, pledged to donate 4
million dollars for the relief with the team’s owner taking the initiative
(Dator, 2017). In addition, there were also NBA players who tried to help that
time such as Gerald Green and Clint Capela while the others expressed their
sympathy with the use of social media (Dator, 2017). Another one is the Sager
Strong Foundation. It is a foundation started by a sports reporter,
specifically in the NBA, named Craig Sager. He built this to help the people
with Leukemia, but Craig eventually died because of it (SagerStrong Foundation,
2014). Sager assembled this foundation during his fight with cancer since April
2014 and then died last December 2016. With the help of other NBA players, they
were also able to put up 500,000 dollars during an event in the NBA (Rappler,
2017). With just these, you could see how much the players support everyone who
is a part of this sports, as much as the people who aren’t. Their love and
passion for the game isn’t just the only thing that is visible, but also their
love and passion to help others and be a good role model.


It’s very amazing how a lot of basketball players were able
to use their beloved sport not just to benefit themselves, but also to make the
most of it by bringing an impact to others with the use of this sport. With all
of that changes, it’s safe to say that basketball has become more than just a
sport, more than a man’s game, and it has been a great impact from generation
to generation; whether to yourself physically or to your social life through
its setting, its weight control, as a stress reliever, it benefits socially,
and the unity it brings. It is evident that those elements contributed big time
to make basketball known throughout the world. That factors has been developed
over time as the game continues to evolve and change.After hearing or reading
this, the author hopes that you’ve learn something new and gain a bit of
interest to this sport. Other than that, it also aims to bring change to your
mindset and perspective about the said sport. Lastly is that, it is destined to
show how and why basketball has been successful in making an impact to the
world since the time it was discovered. People could expect more of development
from this game as the discovery of it continues to be one of the best thing
that has happened in human history.Even if you don’t like to play the game,
appreciating it could be the least thing you could do. If you could find time
in trying this sport, it would be a great thing, so don’t forget to share your
experiences to others when you tried to play this game. So wherever you go, whatever
we do, at any time, always remember that basketball is more than a game, but a
help to each and every one of us including yourself.