I unique thing was to be, a child ,which

 I can remember when I was in my teen before the Internet, I would visit my friend and travel around the neighbourhood staring at plants and the insect life. Only after when my mother had arrived home. I secured freedom of accomplishing things and experimenting.In summer a small group of us would go to look for mangoes and season fruits. Before the Internet, this was the admirable thing to do now most just buy these things. You’d would never plan your day ahead It just happened, not sure why it was like that, but you’d let boredom guide you and then — Damn!— turns out you’re in the outskirts of the mountain. I for one truly miss that adventure meaning now everyone is now grown and living their life.For some reason, I had alway look forward to head home from school. I had nothing to do since my mother decided not to permit me to clean up after myself, so the unique thing was to be, a  child ,which I was so good at. Before the Internet, I would go home and complete my homework and assist my siblings with theirs. I had the most divine teachers simple because they devoted their time to ensure we had a chance to succeed. I vividly remember staying up for a week without sleeping and it never bothered me.It was that time I was young and careless!Christmas time was the most joyful time for me. I would get new clothing about 2 to three sets depending on how much day we were going to attend the parade. Food was free I had no need to buy since I was provided with it. Damn! I miss this! Before the internet, I had no idea how my siblings on my father side look since most was abroad living. The thing is it is not that there was completely no internet but my mother never fond it amazing enough to have it install until in 2014.Before the Internet, I would find books that had recipes and recreate them, especially when I created a dish within my food and Nutrition class. No one was looking up recipes on the internet.Before the internet, I sustained an active life constantly moving here and there within my little community. Exploring to my endeavours,that was before the internet. Now people would observe you and tell themselvesIt got to be she ain’t got nothing to do in she house!Life has changed, or it is the adoption to a new culture, what do you think?