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I am applying to University College London for admission to the MSc in Global Governance and Ethics. It was during my undergraduate study, I got motivated to indulge myself in global studies. My inquisitiveness to understand the changing world in which we live, attracted me towards studying Global Governance and Ethics. In a time of revolution, hunger, economic turmoil and terrorism, how these issues are resolved or bilateral deals are signed, motivated me further to indulge in global studies. It will also provide me with core knowledge and crucial analytical skills to deal with global issues.My name is Kriti Thakur and I stay in the metropolitan city of New Delhi (India). I am pursuing final year of Bachelor of Arts, Political Science (Honours) from Lakshmibai College, University of Delhi. At present, there is no global state and thus, no global government. Instead, in the contemporary world there are 194 sovereign states that coexist in a globalising world order. Therefore, modern state system is mainly challenged by global forces, struggling to find ways to adapt to new challenges . On the other hand, nation–states are also expected to uphold security, equality, justice and welfare. Transnational rules are needed for the purposes of coordination, conflict prevention, dispute resolution, standard-setting, and so on.IR scholars are exactly what these modern states require the most, the ones who can impart true sense of clarity and rational thinking and contribute to the awareness of the general public. Having become political science graduate as well, I am eager to undertake studies in your program as it will equip me with professional knowledge as well as the pre-requisite analytical skills that are important to success.The MSc in Global Governance and Ethics program at University College London is my ideal choice for the postgraduate study. I am encouraged by dynamic, diverse education and research environment being provided to the students in your accredited institution. I am motivated to devote myself to the advanced study of global affairs. Having studied subjects like Global Politics and Perspectives on International Relations inspired me more to comprehensively understand the subject. I strongly believe that masters in UCL will allow me to strengthen my skills in global history, global ethics, international political economy, policy analysis, threats to peace and security and methodological study of the applications of the theories of IR. It will also enrich me with systematic understanding of the international forces shaping our lives politically, socially and economically, while inspiring and giving me opportunity to develop innovative ideas.There is a whole range of areas in global affairs within which actors are at present seeking to construct adequate governance structures. For any nation to be a sovereign state requires recognition from the other states as a legitimate participant, is fundamental to being a participant. The whole practice is based on the mutual recognition that states give one another. The debate on global governance and ethics is one of the most important in international governance. The concept of global governance and its ability to succeed in developing country hinge a lot on ethics and ethical decisions on governance considering what they started from. Progress in the arrangement of global governance will be made only through a decent attempt to bring into coherence the ethics which underpin the overall power structure within which the various state and non-state actors are placed.Endowed with my experiences and strong motivation, I would like to pursue my higher education in an institute that is one of the best in social sciences so that it enhances my career aspirations vis-à-vis global challenges. The world-leading teaching and great research opportunities enchanted me towards your institution. With my predominant research I found that UK, especially in your world acclaimed institution, would be a culturally enriching study experience with high quality of education. The curriculum and the faculty is up to date and progressive in outlook. It inculcates the students with understanding of causes of things for the betterment of the society. These reasons driven me to study at University College London.The primary focus on the study of broad range of issues in global arena such as security, ethical, legal and economic dimension of international relations with range of specialization in international law, policy analysis, government and diplomacy will help to take the next imminent step towards achieving a successful career in Diplomacy. Post the qualification, I aim to study further and research on the emerging challenges in the global arena which will enable me to practically implement the knowledge gained from the program. I aim to change the lives of millions of Indians and the world.Apart from study, I have been engaged in photography and participated in several competitions. I have clicked many significant photographs for my esteemed college, during college festivals, seminars, workshops and book fairs. I have also managed to conduct photo-walks for other photography enthusiasts in my college. Photography has helped me in developing my overall personality. It has converted me into a more confident individual and helped me in expressing myself throughmy photographs. I have also worked with rural NGOs of India contributing towards the development of the country.I wish to become a social researcher by studying in your prestigious program so that I can fulfill my dream of someday working for the United Nations, or as a member of a diplomatic corps, which will enable me to practically implement the knowledge gained from the program. I aim to change the lives of millions of Indians and the world. I want to make most valuable contribution possible to the maintenance of peaceful and productive relations between India and other developing areas of the world, on the one hand, and the developed world on the other.I sincerely believe that my background and career goals are perfectly aligned with the requirements of the Masters in Global Governance and Ethics in University College London. I am confident that studying at UCL will empower me with knowledge and basic principles of this field and help me acquire the necessary skills to reach my goals.I look forward the day when I can apply my skills learnt from this program to make significant decisions for the betterment of the world