I software and application, by using the best practices

I have been constantly exposed to the business world since a very young
age as both my parents are running a traditional family business. It often
occurs to me how my family business keeps up amidst an emerging, dynamic and
ever-changing competitive environment. I consider myself very fortunate that I
have had the privilege to witness firsthand, how the investment in IT has
transformed and streamlined significantly a business operation. Upon adopting specialized
systems for sorting payrolls and Electronic Data Interchange for transaction, the
efficiency in these processes has been greatly increased.  By introducing even the simplest data analytic
tools to the business models, my father was able to find new opportunities for
revenue streams, products and services. Fascinated by what computers can do, I
always have a vision for the future of my family business – I want to utilize
higher-level  IT to widen efficiency and to
leverage performance improvements. I wish to integrate all activities within the
business with a seamless IT platform, to pool expertise with IT-based network
linkages and to automate the flow of materials in the supply chain. With these
goals in mind, I have felt the need, more urgently than ever, to study very
profoundly the best strategies, frameworks, principles and tools to design,
analyze, develop, test, deploy and maintain efficient software and application,
by using the best practices of computer science and engineering.  

Simply put, I have come to define the survivability of a business as the
response of the business to the change in information technologies. A very
disruptive mechanism in the world of IT and business which I am so interested
in learning is the blockchain technology.  In my father’s business, he still requires trusted
administrators and auditors to manage and record the numbers and databases. I
see the potential of blockchain to offers the network to distribute these digital
ledgers to others through a network of computers across the world.  It could potentially eliminate all form of
fraud or scam from all administration level of the company.  Full transparency blockchain technology promises
means my father’s company ledgers can no longer be tempered.   The
allure of working on this high-tech ledger of transaction has also become my
recent inspirations to take on this path.

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Knowing well Computer Science as a more applied rather
than theoretical subject, my preparation for career began prior to entering
Pre-U, where I started working
with Kintex as an intern. The three month there turned out to be the most
memorable moments of my life. Throughout the course of working at the textile company,
I shadowed a team of software engineers who were developing computerized shipping
and tracking systems for the company’s inventory management. Kintex was where I
first grasp an awareness of the scale and complexity involved in a system
development of such.  I performed tasks
related to placement and configuration of RFID chips on every product to track
the inventory, detect order anomalies and increase visibility in supply chain. I
also used social media to open up communication with customers and increased
the visibility of the company. It was a truly satisfying experience the
automation of labor intensive jobs. This transformative power of computer has
prompted me to focus on pursuing computer Science

My extracurricular activities have honed my organizational,
interpersonal and communication skills. Acknowledging the fact that mathematics
is a key part to computer science, I have always made conscious efforts in
improving my mathematics, which made me, distinguish in local and national competitions,
by winning prizes such as the Gold award in Kangaroo Math Contest and second place
in Olympiad Math. For 5 years continually I was elected prefect, working with
principal and teachers, collaborating with several clubs and societies to serve
and protect our fellow students who were beset by heavy workload, violence,
discrimination, bullies and harassment. During that time I also found many organizations
off-campus that provided me with opportunities for community service work. In
2015 I travelled to Laos, equipped with comprehension in rudimentary physics
and mathematics, and a desire to meet people, hear their stories and share my
knowledge. Through the plight I witnessed among Lao during the volunteer, I
came to realize how their life could change if given access to knowledge,
access to the internet.