I members we worked on the project named DESIGN

I believe in imagining things, pursuing them with
all my strength and shaping them into reality. I believe imaginations can be transformed
into reality through progress in science and technology, an example of which is
robots, intelligent creatures designed to perform complicated tasks in hostile
environments. I am fascinated by robots and machines which can behave like
human beings. My interest in this field was further enhanced by Robotic
exhibitions and competitions especially Robocon and Robowar which made me
pursue this field.

pursued my schooling in St Agnes Girls Higher Secondary School, Theni, India, a
school with the best reputation in the city. I secured 93.6% in 10th
and 95.3% in 12th grade examinations with a very good score in
physics. The concepts about kinematics, dynamics and thermodynamics impressed
me to study about them in detail. The practical aided techniques in programming
languages excited me to learn more about automation.

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          The passion towards automation made
me to pursue B.E in Mechatronics in Kumaraguru College of Technology, affiliated
to Anna University which is one of the prestigious colleges located in
Coimbatore- the Manchester of South India. During my under graduation studies, I
have been exposed to study subjects like Electronic Devices and Circuits, Theory
of machines, Solid and Fluid Mechanics, Electrical Machines, Digital
Electronics, Manufacturing Technology, Computer Integrated Manufacturing. The
subjects ‘Robotics’ and ‘Industrial Automation’ provoked my interest. I have
also got practical oriented knowledge in the field of Robotics, Dynamics of Machinery,
Fluid Mechanics and Automation in our laboratory sessions. Thus, my under
graduation program filled me with both, theoretical knowledge as well as
practical skill.

During my third year I undertook a mini project. As
a team of 2 members we worked on the project named DESIGN AND FABRICATION OF SPHERE DRONE. The
main goal of the project was to avoid the damages that occur to quad copters
and other drones by crashing over obstacles and as a safety equipment for operators.
We designed the drone based on the applications we considered such as
surveillance, high thermal efficiency. I learnt to work on designing during
this project using Solid Works, Catia, which became a great opportunity for me to
enrol myself in multiple tasks. In final year, as a team of 4 we worked under
T.Suresh, Assistant Professor-Department of Mechatronics on the project SELF
BALANCING VEHICLE based on the mechanism of Hover board.  In this project, we fabricated
an autonomous vehicle that can be operated using Bluetooth. It can be used as an
individual transportation vehicle in industries, etc.

In my second year, I participated in the event
Robowar held at Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai and National Robotic
Contest, Robocon held at Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Pune. I was the
leader of mechanical team that worked on design and fabrication of the robot.
It was a great experience for me to attend a national event. I have also
attended several workshops and seminars on Robotics. One of those was Android-Botix
workshop, in which a robot was controlled by smart phones. It was a hands on
training workshop, where I learnt a lot about Programming.

Apart from
academics, I developed a keen interest towards playing Ball Badminton. I am the
captain of Ball Badminton Women team representing my college. I was runner in
Anna University Zonal held during 2017. I believe that I have a good managing
ability. I have organized an event named Robo Soccer in Yugam’17 held at
Kumaraguru College of Technology, thus explaining my organizational skills. I am
interested in reading books and cooking.

I would like to call myself ambitious. During my
under graduation I realised that I wanted to work in the research field. In a
country like India, which is still developing in the field of Automation, there
is always scope for innovation and expansion. Scientific innovation is taking
over the country, or better, the whole world and the field of research plays
the maximum role in it and I would like to imagine that my contribution would
play a role, even in the smallest way possible. In order to make even the
slightest contribution I would require to equip myself with the maximum of
knowledge and this MS program would take me forward towards achieving that.

I have gone through the professional programs
available in your university, the campus life, extra-curricular activities,
esteemed personnel in various fields and facilities available there. I believe
that the above stated features of the University of Windsor coincide well with
my areas of interest and that it would truly ensure that I achieve my goals and
I assure that I will work to the best of my ability and contribute towards the
betterment of the University.