I.Introduction saving technologies and new energy products-Coretronic System Engineering

I.Introduction             Founded in 1992,Coretronic core is a taiwanese business company that makes  displays and projectors.Coretronic is a producer of Digital Light Processing (DLP)projectors and Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) backlight modules. The company  also produces LCD monitors for televisions and computers, and video products such as Digital Light Processing rear-projection display Televisions and plasma display panel Televisions. II.Coretronics GroupsCoretronics Corporation has fives groups:-Optoma Technology Corp established in 2002 and first supplier of projectors around the world.-YOUNG Lighting Technology Inc established in 2004 and focuses on the technical development of innovative display systems-Young Green Energy  merged with Coretronics in 2005 and  engaged in the R&D of energy saving technologies and new energy products-Coretronic System Engineering Corporation established in 2010 and  specializes  in the development of products and integrated imaging systems.-Coretronic Culture and Arts Foundation also established in 2010III.Work  EnviornmentCoretronics has an excellent work environment.The company gives employees a safe and comfortable working space.The workers seemed friendly with each other .I was also happy to see a foreign employee among the employees that received us,and after exchanging few words with him he told me that the company was very opened to foreigners and he confirms that he has very friendly team members.IV.Project Management                 As in many companies,the projects  are  assigned to  teams and what surprised me the most is the diversity of the team members background. The employees told us that in a team you can have a mechanical Engineer, an optical Engineer, a Software Engineer ,  Thermal Engineer which are basically  almost all the branches of engineering. Also each project has a project manager(PM) with leadership skill.In fact, Coretronics is  at first a business company so  it is important to hire  employees with a minimum business skill. One of the employee said that one of the the abilities that they checked  during hiring new employees is the leadership skill  which is a business skill. The leadership skill is is necessary because it is very important to be  be able to motivate your team members in order to get the best out of them and improve productivity.            One thing that I really did appreciate in Coretronics  Company is the fact  that they train their  employees.They are aware that you don’t learn everything at school ,they just want you to choose what you are more passionate about ( software , hardware  ,marketing,sales..) and if you are willing to learn they will train you .They will train you to develop your potential and also train you in leadership and innovation.