“I has ushered me to gain perspective fixated on

“I Can, I Will and I Must”

The above words have always been my modus operandi through each of my academic endeavours in
It has ushered
me to gain perspective fixated
my targets and strive to reach
the goals of my career.

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With this mindset, I gathered knowledge and perseverance to succeed in my
studies and be one of the best in my class consistently.

During my high school days, a tragedy befell my family that left an
indelible mark of grief in my young mind. I witnessed my cousin being afflicted
with Alper’s
With sheer despair in my eyes, I
watched our beloved little 6-year old being fed through gastric tubes. Dispite all possible medical efforts on our part, every
treatment tried, tested and failed, I watched my family lose our little one, in
utter helplessness . I saw the suffering of his parents and
his little sister. We lost him at the age of 
8 because there was no way
treat or cure the disease.
tragic loss triggered
my mind and I resolved to make
a difference in the medical world. It steered my dreams and ambitions to
pursue my education in biological sciences. An enormous number of challenges overcome by rapid development
in Science and technology inspired
me to choose
the Engineering
profession. The burning fire in me to do something  that 
can understand this disorder, and find a way to prevent, treat and cure it, and the passion for many other breakthroughs in
the field, led me to take up Bioinformatics. My unquenchable
thirst for knowledge and desire to succeed saw its full potential in this field. The tarmac for attaining my
target has been well
paved right from my early days
schooling and so here I
am standing at the threshold of the next big milestone and a step closer to my
dream-desiring a Masters program in Bioinformatics
at  Indiana  University , which has a stress on research
studies on various areas of Bioinformatics.


In the last
couple of years, my focus has been on grooming myself for the world I desired
to entire in my career. I participated in National level
seminars, conferences, and workshops in and outside college where I could enhance my presentation and
skills. From journal and magazine studies, I realized that fungicides used for
the treatment of Foot rot disease affecting Black pepper, have severe side
effects and causes toxicity. I started my mini-project with an objective of
finding a better plant compound than the available fungicides in the market. Through 
various trials I have successfully screened out medicinal compounds.
With a strong zeal, I started my
final year project with a team of two members. The study is mainly focused on cancerous genes in
Medulloblastoma particularly in Children. I strongly believe that Screening of
this study will have a positive effect on cancer therapy and can lead to the
discovery of new drug targets.To gain my practical exposure in the field of
bioinformatics, I took up
in-plant training in various industries.


One of my
strongest principles in life is that we are responsible to give more to the
society than we take from it. So when an opportunity presented itself in
investing in extracurricular activities, which I feel, are as important as
studies in enhancing
a person’s overall capacity,
I volunteered to become a
member of the Rotaract
Club. Being a part of this
cell in my college gave me a chance to serve people and make a humble
contribution to society.


I understand bioinformatics & computational
biology as a general approach toward the solution of scientific problems. This
scientific quest in understanding the complexities and orders in the biological
systems has made me opt for the Bioinformatics graduate programme.


I was inspired by the vastness of the scope of research  this department. I feel that graduate study
at your University will be the most sensible arm of my academic pursuits and a
major step towards achieving my objectives. I would be grateful to you if I am
given the opportunity to pursue my graduate studies with financial assistance
at your institution and be
able to justify your faith in me. I am eagerly looking forward to satiate my ever-growing passion in my forte-the world of bioinformatics-starting
at Indiana.