I by now, the enemy would understand that when

I don’t care what lie the enemy continues to whisper in your ear.  The fact of the matter is, God’s word is bond.  If He says it, His word will come to pass unless you renege on the spiritual conditions that are attached to the promises spoken over your life. It amazes me how the enemy thinks he can stop God’s shift from manifesting in your life.  Every evil plot, lie, and trick conjured to silence or sideline you in this season will fail if you believe that the Almighty God is more powerful.  You would think by now, the enemy would understand that when God mandates a thing to manifest in your life, it is so.  Through His infinite powers, not one word shall fall to the ground.    I often think about the Egyptians and how they couldn’t stop the Israelites from exiting Egypt.  Not only couldn’t the Egyptians not stop the Israelites from exiting Egypt, a place where they multiplied in number and strength despite the harshness of the enemy’s hand yoked heavily upon their necks, God also allowed them to exit with restitution-silver and gold.  So, what’s my point?  The enemy can “stand-down” or “stand-off” with God, but he won’t win no matter how hard he tries.  And despite his many attempts, the shift God has mandated for your life will still happen.  Yes!  It may take some time and hard work, but the shift will still produce the promises of God. 

If He says it, His word will come to pass unless you renege on the spiritual conditions that are attached to the promises spoken over your life.

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One thing I’m certain of at this point in my life, I can’t hang around the wrong people, giving space for jealousy, boredom or stagnation to birth, and expect to follow the heartbeat of God.  Therefore, if you’re not hanging around people who have your back in the spirit and physical realms who help ignite and flame your fire, as you accelerate to the next level birthing innovative concepts that propel the kingdom forward with cutting-edge advancements, then you’re hanging around the wrong people.  Period.  No matter what life event or stage you’re in, you must model the ministry of God.   The heartbeat of God is the only rhythmic beat that should matter.  As you move into the full flow of God’s heartbeat, you must learn to celebrate the little and big wins along the way.   With soul-stirring change on the horizon, because you decided to answer YES to God’s call, your life is changing forever.  No matter if you’re wondering in the wilderness aimlessly seeking change, starving unclean spirits that no longer serves a purpose, or undergoing Egyptian life lessons like Joseph in the book of Genesis, you quickly come to understand the position of God’s existence in your life. 

Over the years, it’s been difficult putting in the work in an effort to unearth the damage done to my heart.  I’ve broken down a few times over the years in an attempt to rip off the victim clothes I have worn as each piece tries to stitch itself prementantly into my soul.  And can you believe, during those years, I’ve given myself a fifteen-minute rule to cry?  Yes!  Only fifteen minutes to kick, scream, and ball up in a fetal position because, in my mind, a single, brokenhearted momma didn’t deserve a week to eat bonbons, bing watch movies, and eat my favorite ice cream while the thoughts of my imaginary husband cared for me, the bills, and our children.  Staying in bed sulking in my hurt place wasn’t an option because I couldn’t justify needing time for healing,  so I thought chasing after degrees and secular things tabled for a stronger conversational piece.  Consequently, regret moved in while the spirits of rejection and abandonment took hearty root.  Even as I write this truth, I now see more than ever how important it was and still is for me to know who I am all the while letting go of control as I navigate deeper into the Word of God.   As I listen intently to God’s heartbeat among all the noise going on in the world, I’ve come to realize that finding favor in His sight as a true servant is more impactful than coming across powerless to the world.  I didn’t know people waited for the real Leslie, the prophetess of God, who specializes in spiritual triage to give birth to a powerful voice that would reveal secret revelations by God.  Who would have thought me laying hands and speaking life into God’s people would birth a spiritual triage room in churches, hotel meeting rooms, and private restaurant dining areas where people would show up to get healed and become whole.  I would never have thought my life would have such a profound impact on others where God would birth a brand as I minister nationally or internationally on the World Wide Web as the Well Encounter took a life of its own where people come to hear a word from a man, not me, who knows all about them.  Jesus!

True purpose is contagious, right?  True purpose causes you to bleed transformation.  You can’t remain the same when you commit to hearing the heartbeat of God daily.  When you walk in purpose and willingness to birth passion, God will radically change your thinking.  He will give you the golden key to walk in unlimited authority and abundance here on earth.  And when you allow yourself to intentionally fall in love with Him, the ultimate Purpose Master, who is divine and purposeful in all His divine ways, He reveals revelations that only He knows.  I feel the heartbeat of God.  Can you?  He is waiting to model how to minister into the lives of others.  He’s willing and waiting to push you to the next level.  He’s ready to reveal heavenly secrets like never before where your doubt will help shape the lives that will open the door to the next big opportunity for someone else.  With each heartbeat, I feel His Spirit moving, shifting, expanding, and transforming the way I uplevel and position myself for more kingdom authority that’s impactful to the body of Christ.  Do you see it?  Do you see how my flaws are impacting lives?  Do you see how me answering the call is breaking chains and setting people free?  Do you see how God can use broken things to minister to the hearts of others?

When standing in a hard place, facing life’s most difficult moments, God quickly reminds me that His love is unconditional.  During the darkest moment of my life, I had to change my thinking by tapping into the calling of my life.  I had to come to grips that I couldn’t compare my life to my friend’s life who was happily married with children, making a great income, and working in the career of her choice.  See, God quickly confronted me about coveting the lifestyle and choices of someone else when He has bigger works for me to complete.   For example, I couldn’t have a husband showcasing the same character traits and temperament. Why?  Because deep down in my heart, I know my Boaz has to be stronger than the average pulpit supporter to handle the strength of God’s anointing that comes with my gift.  Let’s go a step further.  Even during long seasons of drought when I sent off more than three-hundred plus resumes, literally, seeking full-time employment (tradition and online environments), God allowed less than ten interviews to manifest.  Why?  Because God needed me free to travel so I could preach, teach, and prophesy His word.  So, I ask…

Are you coveting someone else’s life?

Are you ready to follow the heartbeat of God?

Are you ready to let go of shame and walk in your purpose?

Are you ready to separate yourself from the struggles that keep you bound?

Are you ready to stop with the self-sabotage?

Are you ready to renounce for good fear, guilt, and low self-esteem?

Are you ready to leave the struggle behind and help others shift to the next level?

Are you ready to be seen so you can impact the world on a grander scale?

What are you doing with the golden key that God has given you?

Whose life are you willing to change, even if you don’t like them?

Are you willing to say something or do something that can change the trajectory of your life?

How bright is your light shining on a Likert Scale of 1-5?  Five representing super bright.

Are you willing to surrender to God?

Are you willing to get out of your own way so God can do the work that’s needed to catapult you and others to the next level?

I want to stir your soul and push you with urgency to follow the heartbeat of God.  Your mess, your rejection, your ministry, your universal being is needed for such a time as this.  It’s important that you make that baby move that you haven’t felt leaped in a long time.  I don’t know about you, but I need to have an Elizebeth experience.  Somebody somewhere is waiting for you to knock on their virtual door, church door, restaurant door, or hotel meeting room door.  They have been silent way too long, waiting for you to knock on their door like Mary, so you can help change their reality. 

When I follow God’s heartbeat, I follow my passion.  My passion equates to God’s purpose.  Following the heartbeat of God has taught me to choose me first.  In the past, I didn’t understand the importance of choosing me first or needed a Mary to help stir my purpose.  Lately, God has shown me how to value me more, all the while showing me how to fix my life.  Yes!  Following God’s heartbeat gives me a fierce determination to hope again.   No more losing track of time.  No more giving up on my purpose just because I can’t see what’s ahead of me.  No more embracing fear.  No more letting others control my reality of who I should be, what I should say, or where I should live to manifest my God’s destiny.   No more trying to figure out what’s next. No more accepting stagnations or spiritual paralysis.  When life feels hard that’s the more I trust Him emphatically.  Not only is God pushing me to be better as I chase after His heartbeat, He’s forcing you to modify some things too.   No more playing it safe to the point I run the risk of missing God’s voice because I’m too cautious and refuse to chip away at limited beliefs manifested through generational cures or negative environmental factors.   Let’s be honest.  It comes a day where you have to commit to God and learn to be coachable.  What does it mean to be coachable?  Or, better yet, who should coach you?  It means that you are ready to ‘be ye transformed’ because you’re ready to be held accountable by the Holy Spirit and by the kingdom shifter He has placed in your life to help you here on earth.  In small doses, I eagerly throw caution to the wind and embrace the changes that come along with spiritual transformation.   If you’re anything like me, seeking to follow the heartbeat of God, I have a good feeling God is shifting your life too.   Go after what makes you happy and stop settling for less because you’re fearful to follow the heartbeat of God.  If you let go and let God, He will save you from yourself to the point your life where become unrecognizable.