I beak becomes bent. The old-aged and heavy wings



I would like to thank you for your hard
work in the just ended year, your performance was incredible! May 2018 be
filled with tons of success, good health and prosperity in life.

The year 2018 brings another chance as a
school to implement key strategies that will improve the way we deliver our
services.  We must make progress in
Kenya’s quest for socioeconomic development!  

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As we look forward to what the year has in
stores for us, it is good for us to reminiscence on the journey we have
travelled together last year.

The year ended in a high note. We made
comprehensive achievements in capacity building across the public services.  

As we now roll up our sleeves to offer
services at our distinct departments, I would like us to embrace a culture of
innovation and continuous improvement.

We must strive for excellency and
continuous improvement. There is always a breath of fresh air in any form of
change. Let me use the story of the eagle to demonstrate why any form of change
is important.   

It is said that the eagle has the longest
life span of its species, about 70 years. However to reach this age, it must
make a hard decision. During its 40’s, the long and flexible talons are not
able to grab a prey, its food.

The long sharp beak becomes bent. The old-aged
and heavy wings are stuck to its chest, making it hard to fly.

This leaves the eagle with two options: to
die or to undergo through a painful process of change spanning for 150 days.

The painful process requires the eagle to
fly to a mountain top. The eagle will hit its beak against a rock until it
plucks out. A new beak will grow which will help to pluck out the old talons.
New talons grow and the eagle start to pluck out its old aged feathers. Five months
later, the eagle takes the famous flight of rebirth and lives for 30 more

The moral lesson of this story is that we
must strive to sharpen our skills. We must remain relevant on the course of our

As we now seek to strengthen consultancy and
advisory functions of the school, I urge all the faculty members to equip
themselves with necessary skills that will enable the school deliver on its
noble calling.

We look forward to venture on key thematic
areas that are of national importance.

Finally and most importantly, the KSG brand
proposition is anchored on outstanding customer service, integrity, innovation
and creativity and teamwork. I urge you to cement a culture of ownership,
teamwork and unity of purpose among the various departments for efficiency in
service delivery.