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I suppose we all have childhood memories that transmit happiness and good vibes. As a child I loved jumping on the trampoline, jumping, letting go and enjoying myself. But there came a time when the elders told me I was not old enough to do it, and I believed it.Recently I was walking with my mother through the Maremagnum in Barcelona, and I saw some girls doing some incredible flips in trampolines, and I asked her “Do you think they would let me in and jump?”, And she looked at me and started to laugh thinking that it was another one of my jokes and occurrences. I was serious; I wanted to go in and join the party Then I remembered that a few months ago I saw on the internet that you could buy a “rebounder” (mini trampoline, to understand us) and have it at home, but the drawback is that the prices were costly. But it was so much my desire to jump on a mini trampoline or a trampoline that I lit my brain’s bulb and thought that in Decathlon they might have some cheap. And so it was, they had the mini trampoline of the photo for just over 34 euros.A mini trampoline is possibly one of the best ways to exercise. And cheap, of course. Also, I do not always have time to go to the gym to do the Zumba, body combat or pilates class, so having a mini trampoline at home allows me to move my entire body, the lymphatic system, oxygenate my cells and eliminate toxins in Little time and effort while at the same time I have a great time.To detoxify the body we must not only follow a SEN diet, but it is also essential to move the lymphatic system, and to achieve this we have to exercise, move the body. The lymphatic system is in charge of bathing every cell of our body, transporting nutrients to them, and eliminating toxins that we do not need. Without physical exercise, the lymphatic system cannot perform its functions, and the cells are stagnant, lack nutrients and become ill, giving rise to diseases such as arthritis, cancer, and other degenerative diseases. Doing physical exercise, and in particular, jumping on the mini trampoline increases the activity of the lymphatic system 15 or 30 times more.The vertical movement from top to bottom that is done jumping on the mini trampoline is very useful because the fluids of the lymphatic system move through the channels called “vessels,” which are full of unidirectional valves, so the lymphatic system always moves in the same direction. The main lymphatic vessels run through the legs, arms, and torso.The 11 benefits of jumping on the mini trampoline every day for 10-30 minutes are :•    It circulates oxygen to the tissues.•    It increases the lymphatic circulation, as well as the flow of blood in the veins of the circulatory system.•    It helps to breathe more deeply.•    Normalizes blood pressure.•    It can help fight depression.•    Stimulates metabolism•    Promotes muscle tone•    It is beneficial for people with the exhaustion of the adrenal glands (adrenal fatigue).•    It increases the activity of the red bone marrow in the production of red blood cells.•    Reduces high cholesterol and triglyceride levels•    Improves the processes of digestion and elimination.