Hyper-globalists economic growth which somehow made this world a

Hyper-globalists also known as global optimists believe that
globalization are replacing local cultures with the expansion of international
capitalism and the emergence of a homogeneous global culture; they claim that
globalization created borderless world with positive economic growth,
increasing prosperity and promote democracy footprint.

Borderless world is a concept
of globalization where the goods, services, technology, information,
capital flow through the borders from one nation to other. A “borderless world”
refers to an open world which can bring influences upon people. Harlambos
(2013) describes Kenichi Ohmae as one who sees economic change as the driving
force of globalisation. It may bring about changes in their culture, beliefs,
traditions and others. (Patricia Evangelista).

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From personal
point of view, I agreed with the world is borderless. Firstly, the reason being
is because more and more country were increasing wealth,
health and education from international trade the growth of transnational
organizations which benefited to underdeveloped and developing
countries. More people around the world are consumers rather
than living subsistence lifestyles and people increasingly consume similar
foods and have access to enjoy premium products brands equally. These can be
realised from electronics products investment of companies such
as Apple, Sony and Samsung as well as automotive industry which readily
available provided better quality of life to lesser developed countries. 

Secondly, rapid technological innovation is also
driving the formation of a borderless world. New technologies and progress in
telecommunication increase global interaction and people are benefited from
such features of advancement. With the power of the internet, it making globalization possible at
a fast rate. Internet tools like Google and Yahoo had significantly
changed the world. People are easily stay connected and freedom to keep up with
the news on the other part of the world which effectively removed all the
communications barriers and thus world is constantly becoming smaller and
smaller as time progresses.


Lastly, as for economic context, globalization has brought
in different ideologies and thought process amongst people. The MNCs invested
in various countries  served the whole
world market without prevailing national base which also delivered wealth with
tax revenue; created significant jobs opportunity for the regions and develop nations
they entered. Through the increasing volume of trading across borders, it has proven globalization greatly
contribute to the world economic growth which somehow made
this world a better place to live in and solve some of the deep-seated unemployment
and poverty problems thus provide a net benefit to individual economies around the world.