Human Resource Management Books Essay

Furthermore numerous new privacy laws are in place which is used by many Human Resource Management offices to keep privacy compliance. Human Resource Management has to fight off the miss understanding of that functions are hiring, terminating employment, and punishing violators of company policy is all that is done. Even though these everyday duties are Human Resources, it can be a larger range within a business. Primary Function In any company, Human Resource Managements primary function is to engage and organize the employees working throughout to ensure all proper files, training, and evaluations are completed.

Personnel employed for a business are the glue that keeps it running which make them prized advantage. Within most organizations would not be able to operate without humans to work the machines, technology, and products. “People-?not buildings, equipment, or brand names-?make a company’ (Decency & Robbins, 2007, p. 32). To understand the primary function of Human Resource Management, it needs to cover the four distinct areas to include tapping, training, incentives, and maintenance.

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Staffing is not just recruiting new employees, which is a common misconception.