How China transitions toward a low carbon economy Essay

At present, planetary heating caused the grave concern and contemplation of the current economic development theoretical account. Low-carbon economic system is one of the best economic theoretical accounts to cut down nursery gas emanations and reference planetary heating. The intent of the paper is analyze whether China, as a underdeveloped state with high energy ingestion, can accomplish low-carbon economic system. The paper is structured as follow: Section I reveals the background of low-carbon economic system. Then, Section II discuss the necessity of China traveling to low-carbon economic system. In Section III, the paper shows the experience and remarks of UK developing low-carbon economic system. Base on the above treatment, the paper provides some recommendations to traveling toward low-carbon economic system. Finally, the decisions are presented.

I. Introduction

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With the declining planetary clime, particularly C dioxide emanations surged and lead to the serious Green House consequence, states have begun to seek for a sustainable energy supply and a new theoretical account of economic development. With the development of climate-related scientific discipline, the low-carbon economic system draws people ‘s attending. In the planetary position, the passage to a low-carbon economic system is no longer a pick but a mandatory tendency.

The impression of low-carbon economic system is foremost mentioned in British Energy White Paper

with an article called “ Our future energy-creating a low C economic system ” ( DTI, 2003 ) .Low-carbon economic system is a new combined characteristics of the economic system which is based on low energy ingestion, low emanation and low pollution. From the micro position, economic growing does non depend excessively much of the traditional dodo fuels, and merchandise less Green House Gas ( GHG ) ; from the macro position, low-carbon economic system is to accomplish sustainable economic development, making a resource-conserving and environment-friendly society ( Chi, 2010 ) .

Developed states taking concrete actions to show the finding of a low C economic system in passage: United kingdom imposed clime protection revenue enhancement and C revenue enhancement and do other undertaking in order to cut down the Green House Gas emanations by 60 % in 2050 from 1990 ( DTI, 2003 ) ; Japan restarted solar energy inducement policies to promote the development of PV industry ( Seka, Nisoka, 2008 ) .

China, as a underdeveloped state, already go the 2nd largest C emanation state, and has more capacity and duty to developing low-carbon economic system. “ The state needs to transform its economic system to efficaciously turn to concern about a scope of aˆ¦ jobs ” ( Zhang, 2010, p 2 ) .Base on the above factors, The intent of the paper is to analyse whether China can pass through toward to a low-carbon economic system.

II. The necessity of China traveling towards to low-carbon economic system

Ease the energy construction of contradictions

China ‘s energy resources are rich in general, while the per capita energy and degree of per capita energy ingestion are low. With the growing of energy ingestion, resource scarceness revealed bit by bit ( Chen, 2005 ) . As China ‘s industrialisation and urbanisation is speed uping, the secondary industry, particularly heavy industry developed quickly, while heavy industry has occupied an of import place in the industry, the growing of energy-intensive industries increased energy ingestion.

The contradiction between China ‘s economic development and energy scarce has become the constriction restraint. In China, energy ingestion based on coal chiefly in recent old ages, although the oil, natural gas, hydropower and other energy utilizing is increasing, coal ingestion in the energy construction is still really high proportion of whole energy ingestion. In 2007, the per centum of coal ingestion is about 70 % in China, while the opposite numbers in America and Japan are less than 25 % ( Chi, 2010 ) . Therefore, development and use of renewable green energy has become the manner of easing China ‘s energy jobs, non merely can it accomplish efficient usage of resources and recycling, but besides to advance economic development theoretical account from high-carbon economic system to a low-carbon economic system.

2.2 The force per unit area of nursery gas emanations

the rapid economic development lead to energy production and rapid growing in consumer demand in China. At present, China ‘s nursery gas emanations, ranking second in the universe. Although the “ Kyoto Protocol ” does non necessitate developing states including China, the specific emanation decreases by 2012, but as a responsible large state to international duties that China is confronting international political force per unit area to cut down emanations. Compared with other states, China ‘s C strength is higher in one unit of GDP ( Chi, 2010 ) . Harmonizing to the statistics, the energy ingestion in China may still in high-carbon manner without any policies and steps, The procedure of industrialisation, urbanisation and modernisation procedure will still in the phase of speed uping in the following 20 old ages, which may take to serious jobs in eco-system, political relations and environment.

However, climate alteration is merely portion of development. Developed states have completed their industrialisation, eliminated poorness and better societal public assistance and other basic societal development ends, while China response to the universe of action to cut down nursery gas emanations, there are some more job to be resolved, the low degree of societal public assistance, urbanisation and industrialisation, which is far from being met ( Bataille, 2008 ) . Therefore, in sing the development of low-carbon economic system scheme, Chinese authorities can non merely copy the West doing a complete nursery gas emanations policy, because China faces much more complex state of affairs. Furthermore, Zhuang ( 2008 ) pointed out that the historical emanation is an of import ground why developing states can non do a grant. Western states caused a batch of nursery gas emanations during the Industrial Revolution while at the same clip ; most developing states such as China are about in agribusiness society. This determines that developing states can non shoulder the same duty for emanations decrease, due to the fact that developed states occupied the infinite of future emanations in developing states.

III. The experiences of UK developing the low-carbon economic system

Due to the fact that China is a underdeveloped state, confronting with both economic development and the undertaking of cut downing nursery gas emanations. At present, the development of low-carbon economic system is still in its babyhood, but the British have occupied the taking place in the field, larning from the successful experience of the UK every bit good as steps for the development of features which benefits Chinese ain low-carbon economic system doubtless ( Chi, 2010 ) .

jurisprudence and revenue enhancement related to low-carbon economic system

With low-carbon economic scheme, the British Government launched a series of groundbreaking policies and ordinances and support steps. Promulgated in 2008, the “ Climate alteration measure ” doing Britain go the first state of nursery gas emanation decrease marks for the statute law, and set up appropriate energy and climate Change Program. Harmonizing to the jurisprudence, the British Government must be committed to the development of low-carbon economic system, to 80 % by 2050 emanation decrease mark. Britain is the first state which to present and get down to climate alteration levy and the province. Since 2001, all industrial, commercial and public sector have to pay clime revenue enhancement, harmonizing to the coal, oil, gas and electricity and other high-carbon energy usage to cipher and impose, It is remitted if utilizing biological energy, clean energy or renewable energy. The policies besides reflected in the execution of some flexibleness, such as taking into history the big portion of the existent affordability of energy, in keeping the fight of endeavors and besides aid to better the public energy salvaging consciousness ( Lawson, 2010 ) .

Established Carbon Fund

In 2000, the UK Carbon Fund was established ; the chief support comes from the clime alteration levy, gross rhythm input. It has invested a entire 380 million lbs, chiefly for the publicity of research and development, speed uping engineering commercialisation and investing in three brooders. The aim of Carbon Fund is to develop low-carbon engineerings through investing to capture the commercial chances of low C engineerings and supply adept advice populace sector, aid and enfranchisement services to assist finish the emanation decrease marks and services demand which finally help the UK towards a low C economic system ( Chi, 2010 )

Greenhouse gas emanations trading strategy

The UK emanations merchandising strategy launched in 2002, which makes Britain acquire more advantages and experience before the Europe Union get downing its ain emanations merchandising strategy. As Chi ( 2010 ) said:

There are three chief ways to take part in this plan. One is enterprises straight affect, voluntarily do the emanations caps. Taking into history the hazards of this committedness, the Government has come up with 215 million lbs five old ages as an inducement fund ( 043 million lbs per twelvemonth ) , to promote endeavors to fall in emanations merchandising. Second, to take part with an understanding, to subscribe “ climate alteration understanding ” , so will acquire 80 % revenue enhancement cut. If understanding ends can non be got, the endeavors will pay up all the clime alteration levy. Third, undertaking participants, this mechanism is to promote those who are n’t belong to above two sorts endeavors to continue pollution decrease, including electric power, transit and end-users ( such as contract energy direction company, EMC ) and so on ( p. 50 )

As a innovator of low-carbon economic system, the United Kingdom put frontward the thoughts and steps in low-carbon development that China can larn from. However, as the two states on different conditions, China can non copy the actions merely instead hold to be selective and advanced. Garnaut ( 2009 ) pointed out that for UK, the development of low-carbon economic system has many benefits. The success of Low-carbon economic system will straight impact the place of UK in international competition. Geographically, Britain is an island, would be straight affected by the impact and menaces of planetary heating, therefore Cuting down the effects of clime alteration through energy-saving and cut downing emanations has become necessary. From an economic point of position, with the initial investing on low-carbon industry, UK will busy in the international competition chances, taking or even may going a universe centre of low-carbon industry. From a political point of position, with keeping positive development of low-carbon, UK will set up its ain image of a responsible state to portray itself a innovator in developed states and a theoretical account in developing states. UK can make an ambiance of concern on the low-carbon economic system by global propaganda.

It is believed that one time low C concerns reassign to practical concern chances, the UK low-carbon engineerings will be a direct benefit from the supply side, which can in the business in new unit of ammunition of international competition chances. Therefore, UK developing low-carbon economic system as its ain national policy becomes non hard to understand.

IV. The disclosure from UK and other recommendations to speed up the passage

As China being a developing state, the precedence undertaking is still economic system development, if the proportion of C emanations decrease is excessively big, it might hold a negative impact on China ‘s economic growing ( Zhang, 2009 ) . Sing that huge geographics and differences between regional country, It is obvious that Chinese policy shapers can non set frontward a extremist reform, the disclosure should concentrate on altering the economic construction, energy efficiency and Government policy

4.1 Adjust the economic construction, promote industrial upgrading

For a long clip, China depends on its ain advantages of labour and resources and has the extended economic growing. High energy-consuming industries in the economic system accounting for excessively much, doing Chinese energy usage demonstrated inefficiency. Confronting the job, China should alter economic growing from extended to intensive and build environmental protection in the industrial system to accomplish the sustainable development of economic system ( CCICED, 2009 ) . China should curtail the development of low energy efficiency industry with high emanation, and extinguish backward production capacity, at the same clip, promote industrial upgrading smartly, the precedences should concentrate on the hi-tech industries and modern services which can construct a new economic growing point ( Chen, Hu, Pan, 2005 ) .

However, China ‘s energy-intensive industrial sectors are largely pillar industry of national economic system. The development of economic system and people ‘s life criterions are both depend on these industries. “ It is difficult to conceive of how China could use the brakes so aggressively as to exchange from rapid emanations growing to immediate emanations cuts, without go throughing through several intermediate stages. After all, China is still a underdeveloped state right now, no affair how quickly it is expected to turn in the hereafter ” ( Zhang, 2009, p. 36 ) . As the largest developing state, China accounts for one fifth of the universe population. The purposes of industrialisation, urbanisation and modernisation are far from being achieved. So the large-scale substructure development is inevitable which will do a immense demand for high energy ingestion.

Government should increase support for low-carbon economic system

It can be easy found from Section IV, the British Government plays an unreplaceable function in the passage, taking the UK in the development of low C economic system. China ‘s low-carbon economic system is merely at the initial phase, the Government should play its function in increasing support for low-carbon economic system in order to advancing the rapid development. As Cooper ( 2004 ) claimed, non merely can authorities better the statute law to protect of low-carbon economic system, but besides levy the revenue enhancement on C and other policy instruments in footings of support for low C. Chinese authorities should besides give fiscal subsidy to pull more endeavors into the field of low-carbon.

Government should be a sensible usage of their advantages in resources, play a prima function in engineering related to low-carbon. non merely to heighten the capableness of independent invention, but besides actively carry out international technological cooperation, with research and development through sensible agencies of heightening the domestic scientific and technological degree and invention capableness, contracting the engineering spread between developed states ( Zhang, 2009 )

developing the renewable energy

Chinese dodo energy based on the rich coal and less oil. It determines the chief organic structure of energy ingestion is coal. Although the proportion of oil has increased, merely to run into basic domestic demands as the end, non an option to coal ( Chen, 2005 ) . In this state of affairs, the development the renewable energy, such like atomic power, hydropower, in order to cut down the proportion of coal in energy ingestion construction ( Zhang, 2010 ) .

V. Conclusion

Low-carbon economic system has become the nucleus of the following unit of ammunition of economic growing, which besides improve the international fight of China, acquiring rid of the finicky crisis. However, different from the developed state, the development of a low-carbon economic system in China has its ain specialnesss, and has to to the full see the energy and economic constructions, proficient degrees and other factors. Given the fact that China is based on Coal for its ain energy construction, It is difficult to accomplish low-carbon economic system in close hereafter. But China has realized the advantages of low-carbon economic system and accelerates passage by steps and policies. China will going a low-carbon economic system finally, because it is non merely a sustainable economic theoretical account, but besides environmental friendly.