How a pregnant woman is similar to an adolescent

How are the food types similar?During adolescence people should drink about 2  litres of water a day, the same as what a pregnant woman would do. Adolescence should have their five a day and this is eating fruit and vegetables as they all contain minerals and fibre. Pregnant woman also need their 5 a day as it can help with their digestive system and it can have a lower risk of heart disease. How are the food types different?An adolescent shouldn’t be eating too much fat and sugar however a pregnant woman should be eating foods like that though it needs to be limited amounts, in both fat and sugar for example, oils, cakes and chocolate. There are also foods that pregnant women have to avoid such as liver because it has a lot of vitamin A, they should also stop themselves from eating some types of fish like swordfish and to also eating to much tuna, herbal and green teas.How is the quantity of food similar?In the third trimester of pregnancy, a woman needs eat about 2,400 calories a day which is almost the same to a adolescent man should eat which is 2,500 calories.In similarities, the food quantity for a pregnant woman is similar to an adolescent male and this is because adolescent females have to have lower intakes lower intakes.How is the quantity of food different?Pregnant women need more carbohydrates, protein, sugar and fat as they are needed to keep a healthy balanced diet for the baby and the woman. These amounts may change dramatically to an adolescence such as: carbohydrates (g)Men-325g / Woman-275g350gProtein (g)Men-56g / Woman- 46g71gSugar (g)Men-35.5g / Woman-25g75gFat (g)Men-70g / Woman-55g77gIs the frequency of food eaten similar or different? Why?the frequency of food is eaten differently as pregnant women will feel more hungry throughout the day and may start to  ‘crave’ certain types of food, like sweets and treats. That is why it is important for women who are pregnant to have snacks throughout the day including sweet treats, fruits/veg and protein. This is because the baby demands lots of food to improve their growth. The increased intake of food normally starts about the second trimester of pregnancy and can continue until the baby is due.It’s different for an adolescent because if they was to be eating fats and sugary foods constantly then it would cause weight gain, obesity and it could even lead to diabetes.Where are the biggest similarities? Why? The biggest similarities is fruit and veg and water intake, this is because it contains a lot of minerals and vitamins, its important for pregnant women as it can help protect the baby from certain diseases. The best fruits to eat are pomegranates and passionfruit, water is important because it helps the body function and it helps everyone stay hydrated.