Hopivotskwani Americans participated in this choosing of the corn

connects the people to the resources that nature provides by giving Hopis a
sense of security.1
They relate the past to the present and want nothing more than to ensure the
cooperation with the supernaturals, they provide the Hopi with rain, crops,
health and well-being.2 The connection of every
part of Hopi society and culture is included in Hopivotskwani. From kinship to
political organization, the inclusion of everything connects the people to one
another.3 The philosophical idea
that Hopis have is to live in harmony with nature.4

            The importance of corn within the Hopi perspectives
relates to the fourth world. Agriculture is significant to the Hopi, corn is
used to teach lessons. The Hopi origin story includes ears of corn, there are
six ears of corn that are different colors that represent the way of life. The
yellow represents a full but short life. The short blue ear of corn shows a
life of hard work and a long life. According to the story, different tribes of
Native Americans participated in this choosing of the corn and the Hopis were
last to choose and they ended up with the blue ear of corn.5 With the corn they chose,
they believed that they would survive anything that they came across.6

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Hopis are skillful in the arts. Today both art and agriculture play important
roles in their everyday life. As the small blue ear of corn represented their
resilience, they were able to hold up the idea of how their culture came into
existence. They are hardworking and when other tribes of Native Americans were
being raided and picked through, they were one of the only ones left to pick up
the pieces. By isolating themselves in the eighteenth century, they maintained
their existence to be separate from others. Spaniards and other Europeans tried
to fully convert the Hopis, but their actions delayed what the people of the
Old World wanted.7

to the video on the Fourth World of the Hopi, they focus on nature to gain
knowledge. Their origin story began with an Eagle and they related it to the
Eagle landing on the moon, meaning the start of a new life.8