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*Company name* is purely dedicated towards providing 3w to 300w
solar panels
on roof,
1kW to 1MW Solar Power Plants, Solar PV Panels, 100L to 5000L Solar
Water Heaters,  Solar Inverter, Solar
Home Lighting System and all type of Solar solutions suitable for your home,
industry, business or at any institution. Being a Havells
India Pvt Ltd. Partner and approved under the Government of India our company provides free of cost solar consultancy and design Solar Structure as per
site requirements in the various regions of Agra city both Urban and Rural. We are acutely committed in the perfectly designed and delivering our
customers, custom Rooftop Solar Power Projects and Solutions.

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*Company name* provides high-quality PV modules, Flexible Solar Renewables
for residential,
commercial and industrial installations. The material used for the PV Panels and
Products are of most noteworthy quality, which is brought out through worldwide
manufacturers and is fabricated to utmost finest form. This ensures that the
product you are using is totally safe and will last forever long. The solar products
of our company are tried under unforgiving conditions which guarantees the best
execution for a long time. This ensures the long-term working of our product.

Why customers choose us?

We are conferred for diligent work and utmost
commitment in order to take the various difficulties for the consistently rising
energy demands and its utilization. Our organization core motto – Experience,
Integrity, Quality, Teamwork, Passion & Customer Satisfaction has made our
products a part of faith between our customers from the past 10 years in the Agra
city. We have
turned into a known name in the Exporting and Installing of Solar Modules and
LED Products.

Our products are made and built to provide
adequate renewable power source and energy saving products, which ensures a
perfect and practical present and future for both us and our earth. We outline
sunlight based housetop control plants for mechanical and business control
shoppers and deals with the whole venture from commencement
till consummation. Our products include solar rooftop power plants that can be
used at your industrial, residential and commercial land and we promise to deal
with your whole project from commencement till consummation with guaranteed

Product Bouquet

We have a huge line of
Solar PV products that primarily includes Solar Panels, Solar Power
Plants, Solar Power Packs, Solar Lantern, Solar
Signaling Systems, Solar Charge Controller, Solar Hybrid Power Plant, Solar
Based LED Lighting Systems, Solar Home Lighting Systems, Solar Inverter, Solar Street Lighting, Solar Water Heating Systems etc which are  MNRE specification Approved.