Holly artistic piece determined by the mind of an

Holly Evans

Professor Robinson

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ARTA 1030

17 January 2018

is Art?

            Visual art is a form of expression that can be seen or
interpreted. The way it is expressed is determined by talent and preference. People
may have a different feeling or taste dependent on which visual art form they prefer.  For example, although a sculpture is
tangible, a painting can be seen as more expressive to certain people. Visual art
is an abstract or concrete idea transformed into an artistic piece determined
by the mind of an artist. An artist creates a concept and imagines how they can
convey it best or how they can use their own style to make it the most unique
it can be.

are many different types of visual art —sculptures, paintings, drawings, and
architecture— that shape the world of creativity. Sculptures are an art form
that can represent an idea, an import subject or person, or simply a creative
mind. They are often found in museums just like much of the notorious art
today. Paintings are not just masterpieces hung on the refrigerators of proud
parents. Paintings are created from a mind set on an idea and set to life with
paint and a brush. Drawings are similar but very different from paintings.
Drawings have depth such as shades and light perspective. Architecture is an
idea of a physical object that can be built where the architect envisions.
Architecture is unique and each artist wants it to stand out.

art is also a way of understanding. When art is paired with an idea, it makes a
visual aid and provides a better understanding. In other words, if an idea of a
new building in New York comes to light, then a visual representation of it
presents a better idea of what  is
actually going to be possible. Unless the artwork is clear, it is interpreted
based on what the onlooker dictates it to be. This is the way some want their
art to be. Overall, visual art is a form of expression and becomes whatever the
artist wants it to be.