History assume that now you have a clear idea

can often be critical and monotonous so relax in this section we are going to
learn it through a series of conversation and dialogues. If you have read and
understood at least 70% of introduction section then I can safely assume that
now you have a clear idea about what how UNSC works and the basis of our agenda
and how important it is to learn about this issue. Alright then let’s begin!!

you are reading this study almost 6,21,000 Rohingya men1, women and children
are facing one the most crucial moment of their life being deprived of clean
water and nutritious food; so let’s get back to a time when life was happier
for these Rohingya minority,

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Even though you have heard that the Myanmar
government doesn’t consider Rohingya as ethnic Myanmar the truth is their
ancestor were in this country for centuries. The first muslimpeople  to settle in Arakan (previous name of Rakhine
state) came here early 1400s and many of them was employed in the court of
Buddhist King Narameikhala (Min Saw Mun). This Buddhist king was good cause he
allowed these muslim to migrate to his land and later welcomed the culture of
Mughal emperors. Up until now Arakan was an independent state on the north of
Buddhist Burmese.

Almost 200 years later in 1785, that Burmese kingdom
from the south of the current Myanmar conquered Arakan. This is the first time
Arakan (modern Rakhine) became part of a kingdom which later became Myanmar. This
is also the beginning of the refugee crisis!! As this invasion of Burmese
people drove out almost 35,000of Arakan’sethinicRohingya people. Those people
were evicted from their own land and went to Bangal then part of the British
Raj in India. Remember that these people will come back to Myanmar again and
the government will call them Bangladeshi and deny them citizenship 2

by the early 19th century British influence grew in east Bengal
(current Bangladesh) and as of 1826, the British took control of Arakan after
the First Anglo-Burmese War (1824-26). Well the British from here made the
situation even more complicated as they encouraged farmers from Bangladesh
(ethnic Bangladeshi) to move into Arakan and settle there. This is the first
time Arakanmusilm minority was mixed with Bangladeshi but they those
Bangladeshi are now the settler of Arakan (so when Myanmar claims those
muslimRakhines are Bangladeshi, this is the reason) cause when later when the
British left India, they gave Arakan back to Myanmar in 1948.But those
Bangladeshi who have had already settled there for hundreds of years didn’t
come back and their ancestors are the current refugee people whom you are
trying to save in this UNSC committee.

know this is bit complicated, but if you don’t understand, try reading the
passages again!


Alright, if you are clear about the history let’s
review the current situation, as you see when Myanmar got back Arakan in 1948
but it was a mess. Because the World War II have just ended in 1945 and during
the Japanese invasion of Myanmar around 22,000 Arakan people (again Arakan is
old name of Rakhine) fled to Bangladesh. After the war when those refugee came
back to their home they weren’t welcome by the new government of Myanmar and
was again misidentified as Bangladeshi.

then Rohingya people in Myanmar have lived in limbo as they are considered
Bangladeshi even though they are born and raised in Myanmar! Thus began a
decade long oppression due to the dehumanizing system of apartheid! I know