High school Essay

Am blessed to have many opportunities and career paths to choose after high school. Ever since middle school English has been a subject that has really caught my attention and I have succeeded in. I aspire to become a high school English teacher. Plan to pursue a major in Education and minor in Communications with a teaching certification. Being captain of the varsity cheerleaders team at my high school has helped me grow as a leader; I understand the importance of learning from others and leading through example. Being young and taking charge of a team is rd work and is not as easy as people make it seem.

There are a lot of situations that will eventually connect to the real world when I go to college and even after that when start teaching at a school. Being a teacher is taking on a huge task and the hard part is not grading and giving out homework, it is more about the time put outside of school to make sure am being a teacher who can teach all types of students and tailor my teaching styles to their learning styles; will be a teacher who recognizes the value and worth of ACH student. A successful teacher takes the time to understand his/her students and their perspectives.

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The situations I have handled such as altercations with teammates and miscommunication have helped make me into a stronger leader. Having this advantage of learning and being mature about situations in high school is going to help me in the long run when have to handle the same things when get to college. Becoming a leader and role model for this group of girls was a new, interesting experience. Leading a team is what I eave aspired to do so I can learn the skills I need in order to be a role model and impact lives in an influential way.

Being elected captain my senior year has a special significance and is a great honor. It is recognition of my hard work, competitive spirit, and most importantly acknowledgement by my teammates of their belief in my ability to lead them. It has been an exciting challenge leading this talented varsity squad. Have also been part of a great program called PALS (Peer Assisted Learning Strategies) that teaches me so many great new skills I can use later on in life. For instance, in PALS we interact with students of different ages and backgrounds.

One memorable student I’ve met is a kindergarten student. This kindergarten taught me much about what it means to be an educator and mentor. Love listening to him talk about topics from his dad not paying attention to him, to his favorite color being green because it reminds him of his happy place outside being in the grass and climbing trees. It’s always important to listen to everything he says because my commitment to him, just like it would be to all students when I’m teaching. Anything, my goals for the future have a lot to do with what I’m doing now to prepare myself, not just in high school but also at home and the things I do for my community. Ever since could remember, I’ve wanted to be that person that the younger generation looked up to. Through these risks, discoveries, obstacles and challenges that I’ve gone through only made me a secure and mature person that can tackle anything. With my experiences, I’m becoming one step closer to receiving my bachelor’s degree, becoming a teacher and achieving my dream.