High school Essay

The movie was about a high school basketball team who were not good enough . In comes a new coach and he notices that the team’s grades as well as skills were low. On top of that, the team had a very big behavioral problem, attitude. He trains them, pushing them harder, making them an unbeatable team.

However, as he trains them, he expects something from them as well – good grades. He then hands them “contracts”, in which States that in order to participate on Richmond high school basketball team, they needed to have a respect for themselves and others, as well as follow a dress code and get good grades. Upon hearing this, the students were enraged. They asked him why he was doing that, and he told them that there was no point if they were good at basketball, and had below average grades.

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He told them that they oldest make it far, and that they probably end up on the streets if they didn’t start now. He gave them personal goals to achieve, and it was up to them to commit to them. The players reluctantly agreed, but they didn’t take it to heart that their Coach really meant it. They skipped class, failed tests, went to parties but were winning basketball games. When Coach Carter found out about their grades and behavior, he was appalled. He decided to do something so drastic, just so they could learn their lesson.

He put a lock on the gym doors and uncalled their basketball games. The boys were shocked – how did this happen? They didn’t think the consequences were that severe. After a while, however, they realized that their Coach was right. It was now or never for them to change, and they decided to play for their future. They started working hard, studying, doing homework, and attending class. They relied on each other, everyday, even up till the very end on the day of their report cards. From morning to night, they worked on their schoolwork.

There as no such thing as distraction or laziness for them anymore. It was only one choice, and it wasn’t a very difficult one to make; it was either “My Future” or “Nothing. ” In the end, they got their reports – and this time, they did it. They achieved their h of their goal – to excel in their academics. As a team. Won basketball games, and came in 2nd in Nationals. As a team. Achieved by getting higher grades in school. As a team. As a team, they became greater committed individuals. Setting personal goals for yourself, then achieving them is the greatest feeling ever.

It puts you into place, and gets you onto the right track. With goals, you can aim to better yourself in the long run with effort and commitment. In this movie, Coach Carter believed in them that they could excel both in basketball and school. Even though he used a very different way to get this message out, you can do it with any kind of effort. With this, he was helping them reach a higher place. Engagement in activity as well as having smart, and measurable goals will help you reach what you aim for in life.