Here is the new hue: Yes we are talking

Here are some trends you should update before “slaying” 2018.
2018 is all about energy and optimism, or in another words: feel good fashion. As long as you love what you’re wearing, you are keeping it on trend ladies!
We’ve got some pretty good ideas about what your closets will look like for Spring/Summer 2018. Let’s take a glimpse at the 5 hottest trends for this season.

Lavender takeover:
The official color of 2018, according to Pantone, is “Ultra Violet”. But the Spring ’18 runways are looking at the pretty pastel shade of lavender which is promising to be the next big color takeover after millennial pink. Just like its forerunner, lavender happens to look great on everything! From the pantsuits, oversize knits to sequined skirts and floral dresses, this dreamy shade surely won’t disappoint you. 

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Pastel is the new hue:
Yes we are talking about those ice cream shades! Going along with the rise of lavender is a softer approach of pastels and dusty tones to the fashion world. These “gelato” hues are surprisingly flexible with the variety of skin colors and they’re wear-everywhere, from your workplace to the late night clubs. Ladies, it’s time to invest in these cotton-candy colored glories!

Denim’s epic comeback :
Who is missing that early 2000s urban vibe? Well, we have good news for y’all folks. It’s time for dark wash denim to dominate the runways once again. From classic jeans, jackets, skirts to two-piece sets, blouses and cut-out dresses. This new wave of tailored denim will definitely give your wardrobe a revamp! 

Trench Trench Trench:
There is a Chinese saying that important things have to be repeated three times. Trench coat has always been an basic oldie-but-goodie item in every closet. Guess what? It’s coming back after the fresh upgrades with frills, sleeveless, denim iterations, sheer fabric and endless reworked goodness that you need ASAP.

Being comfortable is the essence of fashion, your body is the canvas and canvases come in all shapes and sizes. Remember fashion is art and so are you! Paint your life the way you want, let’s show the world your color shining within!
May your 2018 be lovely as you.