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Here we are going to describe some foods which are mostly used to Increase Hemoglobin Level in a human body. Hemoglobin is an essential protein for the human body because it takes oxygen in different parts of the body. Hemoglobin rich foods can help you tackle a different type of iron anemia or iron deficiency.1. WatermelonA fresh summer fruit, watermelon is 90% water, but it is rich in foods including iron! There is also high-level vitamin C in which the body is absorbed into iron more effectively.2. BeetrootAnemia which causes low hemoglobin can cause a number of problems – shortness of breath, weakness, palpitations complications during pregnancy in a pregnant woman. This type of anemia can be corrected naturally and can be called iron anemia. A superfood that can help to improve hemoglobin in the turnip and boost your iron intake.Iron is an essential component of the red blood cells and responsible for supplying oxygen and nutrients in various parts of the body. The turnip is rich in iron content and helps to improve blood and blood. Here’s how beetroot can help you control BP and high blood pressure.It also acts as a blood purifier and natural detoxification.Beet leaves are rich in vitamin A and roots in vitamin C. Lack of vitamin A can also cause anemia in some cases and a lack of vitamin C can make it difficult for the body to absorb iron.3. BerriesThere is a blood red color and interestingly, all the red foods in hemoglobin are improved. By eating the whole box of berries, it is beneficial in the form of a pinch of blood in your body. Contains strawberries, cherries, and raspberries, etc.4. ApricotDry apricots are delicious in taste, they are the great source of iron and rich in antioxidants, which are very useful in promoting hemoglobin content in the blood. All 100 g of dry apricots account for more than 50% of the daily iron requirement and iron is essential for the production of hemoglobin in blood cells.5. BananaBanana is an outstanding source of potassium. Eat bananas in one day to see the results. Try bananas or other fruits at a time when you have no food or good meals. The body absorbs food immediately. It also applies to fruits and vegetables and soup.6. DatesDates are very rich in iron, although its consumption is not good because it increases the heat of the body. The best way to consume them is to eat 2 dates and 4 raisins in water every night and the stomach empty in the morning. Ensure that dates and raisins are properly cleaned then they are soaked.7. BroccoliBroccoli is a very energetic vegetable that we use in many dishes which is rich in calcium, vitamin C, fiber, and nutrients. When you eat broccoli it increases your hemoglobin level automatically. The level of hemoglobin naturally increases.8. Brown RiceBrown rice is also an excellent choice because it is a good source of iron. And 100 grams of brown rice contains approximately 0.4 milligrams of iron.9. CarrotCarrot juice has long been used to improve the synthesis of hemoglobin in an organism. To restore the process, drink 2-3 glasses a day, about half an hour before eating (or an hour after eating).The best results are provided by beet juice, carrots, and freshly absorbed radishes. In order to improve the condition with hemoglobin, the structure of the growth of the iron concentration in the blood is accepted in the amount of 2 tablespoons per day, the treatment lasts for months.This carrot juice can be used with a high-quality “capture” of an organism. Its use is suitable before yeast cream (in small amounts) so that the acquisition of valuable components will be better.10. FigsThe figures contain 0.4 mg of iron per 100 g. Figs are rich in fiber and potassium. Pick up the figs and eat them. Figs are sweet juicy fruits and are available in the dry season throughout the year. If you cannot have fresh figs, you eat dried figs, also useful and delicious.Eat it every day for a month and then continue for another month, you must find the results according to your satisfaction. Your iron levels will increase to eliminate anemia.11. FishEssentially, any diet which is rich in iron and vitamin B12 consider excellent for people which have low blood levels. Fish and meat are good sources of iron food. They will be taken in abundance. In the flesh, you should eat liver and kidneys, because they are the richest source of nutrients. Fish oil is another excellent food that you can consume to increase your blood count. Salmon is the best fish to increase hemoglobin content.12. GuavaGuava is rich in iron. So this fruit can be used in the treatment of iron deficiency-Anemia and prevents leukemia. Benefits contained in guava juice include:It can reduce cholesterol in the blood and lower blood pressure.It can prevent thrush.Can be able to Lose Weight.The content of vitamin C in guava juice can relieve colds and coughs.Content astringent can cure diarrhea.Can prevent the bone loss.13. HoneyHoney is considered an ideal natural remedy for anemia. It not only helps increase the amount of hemoglobin in blood cells but also a rich source of minerals such as manganese, iron, and copper.