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hello family don’t we all need somemotivation every now and thenwell you’re the right place at the righttime in this video I want to share withyou how to get motivated or morespecifically how to stay motivated atwork even though we go about a popularbelief that we always said if you wantto stay motivated you always should dothe job that you find to do that youlove the most but unfortunately not allcases we can get the job that we like towant to have in your lifeso most time we have to do jobs where wehave to just pay the bills make sure ourfamily’s okay and also make sure ourstuff is ok in the long run as well soin this video I want to point a fewthings that you can do to stay motivatedwhile doing the job that you may notlike an awesome the job we also likewhere sometimes it can get veryoverwhelming for you as well to copewith the expectation the work pressureyour family pressure your own pressureon yourself and what life after offer aswell so in the first pointers I want tosaid find something you like about yourcurrent job whether they be your job offyour choice or something you have to doto just make though the money coming forthe bills just find something in thatjob right now that makes you happy youdon’t have to be the big thing in thejob it could be something could be maybethough work colleague it could be maybeyour boss it could be maybe the customerjust something that always put a smileon your face just look forward to thosehappy moments to meet those people areto meet your boss or your colleague thatin itself can give you an additionalboost of energy and also you can beoptimistic as well in the sense and thenext point is as well is to work on yourother goals you may be looking forwardto change job so you can always have alittle notepad with you jotting downnotes here and thereregarding your in your career thatyou’re after so at least you can stayabreast of things it can keep clear Iclear conscience and things that will behappening in your near future so in thatsense you limit many stress that mightyou know coming to your space you canlessen also fatigue Ness as well sobecause you’re still working in bothgoals your current goal which is yourcurrent job and also your future goalsso you have the same power to still youknow build your other future go whileyou’re still doing this so never give upon your future goal the keys you’re nothappy with what you’re doing no you andthe third thing I’m Elise as well is towhen you feeling low an energy at workjust go for a quick walk it could be fora minute or two just get outside theworkspace or your office whatever thatis and let’s go for a quick minute walkget some fresh air in your lungs andclear your mind it could be the case ofthe pressure within your office or yourworkspace just go for a little jog err Imean if you can’t do that maybe in yourlunch break you know get some job we gotan hour something or somebody made thishappen half an hour whatever that is youcan just go for a quick little jog or gofor a walk just get some fresh air weall need that better fresh air sometimesto stimulate back or mine and also ourbrain as well and the last but not leastas well is to reorganize your life a lotof times we have things in our lifewhich might be out of placeso we need to take the time out toreorganize things in your life where wecan get more time for yourself toobecause as we get much older you knowwhat every family are just with yourselfthings tend to be you know Auto shapeeven our own something to build of shapesometimes so take the time out toreshape back your life with thingsprioritize things which is mostimportant the least important should belost on your list and in that sense likeI say you feel more motivated for lifein general not just only for work butyour life will be morefor any more meaningful for you in along sense and in that sense you havemore to offer to yourself and also toyour work as well and like I say youstill find the fulfillment in otherthings but I can say with these fewpointers execute them your life and youtrust me you will see a turnaround inyour energy into your attitude as welltowards youyour own self towards work and alsotoward your future goals because at somepoint in life you was motivated but asyou know things weren’t aired us down wetend to feel less motivated sometimesbut like I said we always can findsomething to do to motivate ourselvestry something you do something new youknow I mean go for maybe for a walk gofor maybe to a movie or something justto motivate yourself all over againbecause like I said we always will needthis motivation even if you’re doingsomething that you love at times yourmotivation will run a bit low sometimesbecause we have a lot of things thattaking away our energy I would need toreplenish that energy every now and thenso take time off for yourself it’s not abig deal but a lot of times we may nothave a lot of hours in the day foryourself but try to take even 5-10minutes some time in the day foryourself and build up on those littlefive minutes and just me it will make adifference so this is the Nibin Princeand thank you very much to listen tothis video and I hope it can make adifference for your life and also forfor your life at work and also for yourpersonal life as well so have a blessedday and please subscribe to this channeland also thumb and like this video aswell and god bless you thank youOh