Guided Notes Essay

Since a pure substance h as a fixed composition, you can write a formula for it. A mixture has a variable co imposition therefore there is not ONE formula for it. Slide 7 and g: What are the differences in elements and compounds? An element has the same kind of atoms, like carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen. A toms of the same type are classified as elements. Whereas a compound is a chemical combination of elements, that may form molecules or crystals. A compound c an be chemically broken down into simpler parts. ; Slide 10: What are the 2 major types of mixtures and how are they different from ACH other?

The two different types of mixtures are homogeneous and heterogeneous. A homogeneous mixture is the same throughout the sample. Elements and co impounds are homogeneous. All homogeneous mixtures are called solutions. However, heterogeneous mixture is different throughout the sample. All mixtures that are not solutions are heterogeneous. ; Slides 12 and 13 : Classify the following: Chlorine: S Water: S ; Slide 14: Soil: M Oxygen: S Rocky Road Ice Cream: M Air Sugar Water: M Carbon Dioxide: S Pure Air: M Cool Aid: M What are physical properties? Give some examples.

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A physical property can be measured. Things that can be measured size, shape e, color, boiling point, freezing point, hardness, conductivity. Things you can observe a re melting, freezing, boiling, condensation, and altering size or shape. ; Slide 15: What are chemical properties? Give some examples. A chemical property is a description or characteristic of the substance that who en observed causes the substance to be changed (a chemical reaction occurs). For example e flammability and the ability to corrode. ; Slide 16: What is density? Do you believe it to be a physical or a chemical property?

Density is how much is packed into a given space. I think density is a physical property because there’s no chemical composition being changed. ; Slide 17 Describe 2 other states of matter. The two other states of matter are Plasma and Bose Einstein Condensate. Plan Sam is the state of matter that is similar to gas but some of the particles are unionized. Plasma h as no definite shape or volume. Bose Einstein Condensate is when atoms lose their individual al identities and unite into one, when at low temperatures. Khan Video notes: There is solid, liquid. As and a fourth state (not mentioned much in Chemistry ) called Plasma. People consider it a fourth state because it has some sorts of gases and some properties Of conductivity that you wouldn’t associate with a gas. Metals have so many kinds of electrons. ; Electrons float outside the atoms themselves and create a big sea of electrons and then the atoms become positively charged. Plasma is when you take gases with high kinetic energy that are bumping are undo each other but they are not condensed into one region. Takes shape a gas and so empties is described as an unionized gas.