Graduation speech draft Essay

Hi, my name is Karen Factor, and I have been attending Rose Hill middle school for now two years. Throughout these two years I experienced many things, good and bad that I had yet to experience, I have learned life lessons, built up my education, and have made friendships that will last for years with my peers as well as my teachers. I had mixed emotions about my first days as a 7th grader at rose hill. It was my first taste of freedom, but with freedom came responsibility.

We have all come so far since then. I remember 6th grade graduation with many of you, after we were all hugging each other and crying for what would become of us. We were scared for middle school- this time its high school, and it doesn’t stop there, next comes the real world, and later in life we will face much bigger obstacles that we will overcome. As we begin the next chapter of our life’s it is important to remember everyone who has helped us alone the way, role models, peers, educators and parents.

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To e and many of my classmates, the transition to high school is one of the biggest moments of our lives so far. For me personally, I’m a lot more nervous than I ever remember being my first day of school seven or eight years ago. Instead of being at the top of the chain, we will be at the bottom again. We’ll have to work our ways back up and then start all over again in another four years. As we leave today, we are far more equipped to face the world because of our hardworking teachers.

These men and women have worked alongside s for several months in order to reach newer heights with every passing academic year. Together, we have overcome obstacles, explored new dimensions, and achieved much more than what we had set out for. Once again, on behalf of all my fellow students, I would like to express a heartfelt gratitude to our teachers, families, and all those who have stood by us and supported us in our trying times. Thank you all for everything and for wishing us well as we enter the new chapters of our lives.