Grade Health Reflection Essay

There are many types of abusive a few are; emotional (verbal) abuse, physical abuse, jealousy (isolation), sexual abuse, threats (intimidation), and destructio n of property. Emotional, also known as verbal, abuse is making someone feel bad by using words and calling them names. Physical abuse is when someone physically ha rmsyou by hitting you and/ or pushing you around.

Jealousy is a form of abusive, if your partner is controlling over who you spend time with, has a fear of you cheating that is considered abuse. Sexual abuse is when someone uses unwanted or uncomf ortable touching, or they use sex to control you. Threats, also intimidation, is someon e using looks or actions to control you. Destruction of Property is when somebody te ars up breaks, or ruins your personal belongings.

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Abusive relationships are toxic, but I think people get addicted to the relations hip in the same way people get addicted to drugs. At first, it’s exhilarating, it’s new , and you’re happy. You have someon‚s attention and you truly feel cared for, whic h doesn’t happen a lot for some people. People stay in abusive relationships because th y focus on the beginning of the relationship, when they felt loved. They dont want to leave because they fear the fact that they may not find anything like it again.

To help someone out of an abusive relationship I would convince them t o get help. I would explain to them why its unhealthy. If they still didn’t want to get help would seek help for them myself by telling an adult. would break up with the person. I wouldn’t go around them anymore. If there was breakup abuse I would talk to the police for a restraining order. I would al so go tos therapist to make sure I never get back into that relationship.