Global some of the species to disappear completely over

Global warming commonly referred as climate change is steadily rising of earth temperature over a long period of time. This rise in temperature has altered some many animal way of life or has some of the species to disappear completely over the face of the planet. On average the earth temperature is rising at 3% annually. We may not feel the immediate impact of the change in climate, but long term effects are known coming to light. The most that have been hit hard is the wildlife, many species are known endangered and soon they will completely disappear. A number of research’s has been conducted to a certain the impact of climate change on animals and the results are unbelievable.

The main reason why wildlife has been severely hit is because a change in temperature is affecting their way of life and their lifestyle. It has greatly influenced their way of life and also has made them  to adapt to difficult environments. A case in point is Lake Nakuru national park reserves due to Inundation the park size has further shrunk in size and has affected animal’s habitat, it has caused mass migrations of flamingos from the park.  

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It has also been noted that the tremendous changes in climate came slightly after industrial revolution which lead to huge emission of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Even though is largely due to Anthropogenic other factors has also influenced the change in climate.

 Deforestation and desertification has had great impact on the natural habitat of animals. What’s most noted is the habitat defractmentation which has affected most the animal, natural habitat that they have to adapt to different environment over a short period of time without allowing them to adjust naturally.

In the coming future most of the species that were roaming this earth freely would be confined to certain corners of the earth as they faced extension. The countries that are responsible for huge emission of carbon dioxide gases to the atmosphere are doing less and neither are they embracing cleaner energy source.

We as human beings should strive to preserve animal habitat and try as much as possible to reduce carbon emissions. We are killing our ecosystem and that of wild animals.