Global present time. It is caused by huge amount

Global Warming is the greatest environmental issue in the
present time. It is caused by huge amount of wastes that are being burned every
day in dumpsites that contribute to emission of substances that affect the
ozone layer. Since population every year increases, more resources are used
thus more wastes are being produced.   Some people recycle plastics. They create new
products out of waste materials then sometimes sell it. Usually the plastics
being recycled are examples of polyethylene terephthalate (PET). PET bottles
are transparent in color and are easier to process because these are thinner
than HDPE or High Density Polyethylene. Thus, HDPE bottles are harder to
dispose than PET bottles.   More than 8 million tons of HDPE are used
toward blow-molded containers such as milk jugs, juice containers, detergent
bottles, motor oil bottles, trash bins, etc. (RecycledPlastic, 2014). It’s stronger
than standard polyethylene and it acts as an effective barrier against moisture
and remains solid at room temperature (Engineered Plastic Systems, LLC, 2015).