Glaucoma cons of a variety of techniques available but

Glaucoma is
one of the leading causes of irreversible vision loss, it affects more than 65
million people worldwide. Glaucoma is a group of heterogeneous disorders
characterised by the progressive destruction of the neuroretinal rim tissues of
the optic nerve. It is not detected until a late stage as glaucoma is
asymptomatic until it is severe other than a difference to the norm in IOP.


A variety
of different methods are available to manage types of glaucoma. The objective
of this article is to provide optometrists the current medication available to
assist in the treatment of their patients glaucoma. The paper discusses the
pros and cons of a variety of techniques available but not all as this would be
beyond the scope of this paper as only a brief overview is indicated, of the
main methods and possible

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A review was
constructed from papers of 2010 onwards on the therapeutic treatments
available. ‘a google search was conducted to find the following information,
the data collected is from around the world as it is a general overview of
those readily available to everyone.


has two main categories open angle and closed and and glaucoma. Both can occur
with no other factors or signs therefore forms primary glaucoma. Secondry