Getting into a hole of emotional cleansing, they feel

Getting into a relationships are scary especially for men, it means they have to commit,express feeling, and essentially show all forms of themselves that only a few other people see. You will come to discover how men and women have different need and levels of intimacy during different stages of the relationship. Men on occasion tend to not think before doing something, unlike women who have gone over the situation time and time again and in cases like intimacy this can actually be a positive. Men can be threatened easily ,  not only by other mates but because they fear there self-sufficiency is wilting away due to the fact that they are in a stable relationship, and  spend a good amount of time with their significant other. This fear causes an emotional shift and they become reclusive and fade back into their “cave”.  In these times it is prominent that women give them the space they need but also offer support, which will bring them back to the man they usually are, this is the rubber band effect. Women will learn how to react,support and handle when a man suddenly bolts for cover in a calm demeanor, and eventually will support her man in the pulling-away process. In the beginning it will be challenging to accept the pulling away process but women shall learn that this act is only helping their relationship, it’s just how men think. Women should resist the temptation to try to drag their partners back prematurely or criticise them over this natural behaviour. Chapter 7: Women Are Like Waves Women are a complex system of twisting emotions and unknown actions that most men don’t know how to react to. Women from time to time fall into a hole of emotional cleansing, they feel a life is coming at them at with a full throttle. As men resort to secluding themselves when they feel overpowered, women on the other hand will communicate and have something negative to say about whatever displeases her  throughout their day. They will also dwell on the on each problem creating more stress and more random things to flow into their brain to worry about. A woman’s loving attitudes rise and fall rhythmically in a wave motion, men need to be willing to learn when and how to correctly interpret these times of sudden shifts of emotions. Women spend enough time on caring for others so when the are caught in the wave motion there normal giving natures are shut off, leaving them to be cold hearted and a bit moody. Women will be louder and more prominent in expressing what’s your doing wrong specifically, so  men must take into consideration that they there support and reassurance is what there partner needs the most at this period, just like a wave it will peak but then fall leaving her feeling respected and happy again. Just as it hard for women when men snap back like a rubber band, it’s difficult for men when a woman goes through a wave. Men should never feel as they are the main reason for the women to fall into there wave of issues and depression, although they may be a contributing factor, because they have yet learned how to help their partner. Men should resist the temptation to try to lift their partners spirits up by criticizing them over this natural behaviour. Just as men demand the right to be free and unbothered during there phases; women demand the right to be heard and understood from their significant other from time to time. When a man feels free he finds it easier to support a woman’s need to be heard; when a woman feels heard she finds it easier to support a man’s need to be free. Chapter 8: Discovering Our Different Emotional Needs Men and women rarely see eye to eye when it comes to the emotional needs of the opposite sex, in their head they each believe they know what’s right about what the partner needs both sexually and in everyday life. This sort of  thinking causes a relationship to fall into a downward spiral. Men and women need to remember that the emotional needs of the opposite sex are not the same as their own. Both sexes will gain the knowledge of understanding each others primary needs, how to listen without getting anger, the art of empowering each other, and the bonus of the six most common ways you may be turning off your partner. Men must understand a listen attentively to a women to avoid arguments and defensive comebacks leaving tension. On the other hand women must also have faith in her partner and not try to control and take over, she must have faith in his abilities to fulfill her needs. Men need love that is trusting, accepting, and appreciative, women need a love this is caring, understanding and respectful. Each can earn what they need if they use the right communication and always  remember to keep an open mind, because men are from mars and women are from venus. Chapter 9: How To Avoid Arguments The anatomy of an argument is explored in depth to allow men and women to gain a understanding on what they may possibly be doing wrong. One of the most difficult challenges in our loving relationship is handling differences and disagreements. The communication between to partners should always be civil, loving and respectful, arguments and verbal attacks towards one another can be detrimental to a relationship. The arguments and problems within the disagreement are not what cause the damage between the partners, but the verbal abuse that can come along with being in a emotional state of anger. Many different arguments can arrive throughout a relationship but the premises round most all of them is that men fail to pay significant attention to women’s feelings and emotions, while women can be extremely disapproving of mens situations. These premises can trigger many further feeling, progressing the argument even deeper. Men who tend to be perceived in society as stronger and tougher transfer those views into arguments. Men use a strong and empowered voice when arguing with their significant other in order to win. This causes a gap between the two partners because the women feel deflated and worthless. When men make mistakes like this they become frustrated and angry, and are best left alone until they calm down.To stop communication degenerating into arguments, men should strive to listen without getting defensive, and women should try to express their feelings without criticising their partners.