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Getting pregnant and giving birth are milestones in a woman’s life. When a couple finds they are expecting a baby, they usually want to know the sex of the baby before it is born so they can paint the nursery, buy baby clothes sad pick out names that relate to their gender. Thanks to modern science, there are ways to accurately tell what your baby is going to be during pregnancy, one of the most common being 3D ultrasound. Moreover, there are many superstition techniques used all around the world by different cultures to predict the gender or sex of a baby before birth.     For example, Hungary and Moroccan folklore use insects to give an early gender prediction. In Traditions and Superstitions in Obstetrics and the Care of the New-Born in Hungary by Rudolf Temesvary, a woman uses a spider web to determine the sex of the child she’s carrying. According to, “The Mom-to-be inserts a finger into a spider web and makes a hole. If the spider repairs the hole than her baby will be a boy. If the spider decides to not fix the hole, then Mom is having a girl.” This superstition seems like it could get quite messy due to the fact that spiderwebs are in fact very sticky and will most likely stick your finger.      Another example would be the Brazilian chicken method. Brazilian pregnant women cook the heart of a chicken and if the heart opens up, it means she’s having a girl and if it doesn’t, it means she is having s boy. There could reasoning could be due to the fact that girls are typically more emotional open, hence the chicken heart. Another method of prediction used by Brazilians is using a calendar and dates. You take the age you were when you conceived and the month you conceived. For example, if the mothers age  was 25 and the month of conception was in the 8th month of the year, it means she is having a boy.      Greek is very well known for its mythology. In Ancient Greek culture, there are many myths and superstitions surrounding pregnancy and birth. For example, ancient Greeks believed that the uterus was did not stay in place and wandered around a woman’s body freely. According to, “If a woman wanted to become pregnant she was told to place something that smelled sweet inside of her vagina so it would attract the sperm. And the Greeks birth control method? Putting something stinky inside a woman’s vagina. Another ancient myth was that in order for a woman to induce labor they would have 4 women shake them violently to induce contractions.”      The most interesting prediction method found was in China using a baby’s poop. In order for this method to work, you  have to be quite patient to get results.  A Mom-to-be needs to find the youngest  baby she can find and she has to hold the baby until it poops. If the poop is green than her baby will be the opposite sex of the baby she just held. If the poop is a normal brown or any other color other than green the baby will be the same gender as the baby she was holding. Although this method might be quiet gross it is also quite interesting to say the least. On a side note, the baby can not have started the teething process yet.    In conclusion, there are many different  countries and cultures in the world that unique and interesting methods of predicting the gender or sex of a baby before birth. They help face the unknown and give mothers a tad more control over their lives.