Georgiana’s have seen her birth mark as a charm.

Georgiana’s death is not her fault at all, but instead her husband Aylmer’s responsibility. Throughout the story “The Birthmark”, Georgiana plays the role of a tragic wife. She is being good to her husband, but never good enough, at least not for him. She acts the way she does because she loves her husband and would do anything just to make him happy. “It is clear that Aylmer’s obsession with his science makes him unfit for human companionship” (HAWTHORNE’S ‘THE BIRTHMARK”: SCIENCE AND ROMANCE AS BELIEF…. pg. 512). Aylmer is so obsessed with having things perfectly done; that his love for science lead him to correct what nature cannot fix. His disgust towards his wife’s birth mark has caused Georgiana to become disgusted in herself as well. Causing her to do whatever it takes to get rid of that birth mark no matter what the risk may be. Her husband’s disapproval in her, has caused her to go blind and see no good in herself. She will never forget the rejection she receives from her husband or the awful look he has given her. “Pray do not look at it again. I never can forget that convulsive shudder.” (Pg 80). For her, it does not matter that some people have seen her birth mark as a charm. All she really cares about is Aylmer’s opinion. The love she has towards her husband is so deep and continues to grow that she is obsessed with the way he perceives her. “Do not repent, that, with so high and pure a feeling, you have rejected the best the earth could offer. Aylmer—dearest Aylmer—I am dying!” (Pg 86). Her role fits as a tragic wife because throughout the story she was never accepted by her husband. He could not get over the birth mark and see the true beauty his wife has inside of her. The only time he was able to make her perfect and remove the birth mark; she ends up not making it through the process and dying. She only acts the way she does because she loves her husband and she wants to stop the madness between them. In the end, Aylmer’s love for science and perfection took over and was way stronger than the love for his wife Georgiana. Making him realized that he had just lost the one thing he had that was already perfect due to his own corrupt self.