Gender politics, economics, decision-making. But Gender Equality has always

Gender Equality is one of the major issues that is going on all over the world right now. Gender Equality or Sexual Equality means that the both genders, female and male are in an equal position, including in their participation in politics, economics, decision-making. But Gender Equality has always been a problem in majority countries  because most likely women are treated differently than men and the women are brave enough to raise their voice and fight the unfairness that they’ve been receiving.  Every country has their issues related to Gender Equality.Gender Equality is not only a fundamental human right, but it is something that could bring peaceful and justice to a country and can help that country to be a better and more developed country (, 2015). But still a lot of people these days still don’t understand or uneducated about the importance of gender equality and how it helps a country to be a more developed and better country. 3.1.  BACKGROUND STUDY Pakistan is one of the biggest muslim countries in the world. It is located in South Asia. Pakistan is one of the countries with the total of population more than 209,970,000. 96.4% of the population are muslims and the 3.6% is others. The official language of Pakistan is Urdu. Pakistan also has been ranked as the 24th country with the largest economy. 3.2   PROBLEM STATEMENT In some countries, women don’t have the same privileges that the men already have or given to. Women don’t have the permission to do the things that men can do. Women don’t have the equal access to education, health care, decent work, and representation or to participate in political and economic decision-making processes. Meanwhile in Pakistan, that has been ranked as the second worst country with gender equality issues. Pakistan is one of the largest muslim countries in the world, but very unfortunate that Pakistan is facing a major issues when it comes to gender equality. Pakistan does not have non-discrimination laws when it comes to hiring women in the workfield also the law to an equal pay. Also, the women education rate in Pakistan is very low.  It is one of the fundamental duties to provide equality to women in a society. There is no denying the fact that women play a significant role in many areas of development.In this essay, I’d like to give a further explanation about the education and economic development in Pakistan that has been affected by the gender equality issues. 4.0 FACTORS 4.1  The huge difference between the life in the urban areas and the life in rural areas. In the Urban areas the gender equality issues are not as much as the ones in the rural areas. In urban areas, such as Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi, females are educated equally as the males. But in rural areas, female areas they are not educated as equal as men and the education rate in the rural areas are substantially lower. Girls living in rural areas are encouraged not to go to school because they are needed in the home to do work at a young age. In most rural villages, secondary schooling simply does not exist for girls, leaving them no choice but to prepare for marriage and do household tasks. These rural areas often have inadequate funding and schooling for girls is at the bottom of their priorities. Girls or women that live in the urban districts of Pakistan have a more privileged lifestyle than those living in the rural areas. Those who live in urbanized districts have more opportunities for education and have a stabil economics compared to rural and tribal areas that have an increasingly high rate of poverty and an critically low literacy rates. 4.2  Participation in the workforce. Women in Pakistan are rarely employed even though they are active to participate in the economy and also in the political world. But it is because there are still some areas in Pakistan that are expecting women to work within the household economic unit and women are often prevented from having their own career or having a job, due to low education. The low female literacy rate is a large obstacle in women taking part in the workforce. In Pakistan, 98 percent top managers in banks and other financial institutions and industrial units are males. This clearly shows that women are not treated equally as candidates for top management positions. In Pakistan, 98 percent top managers in banks and other financial institutions and industrial units are males. This clearly shows that women are not treated equally as candidates for top management positions. 4.3  Lack of women’s education. The educational status for women in Pakistan is among the lowest in the world, especially for those who live in the rural area. The literacy rate for urban women is more than five times the rate for rural women. Even the literacy rate is still lower for women compared to  men in Pakistan. Also the school dropout rate among girls are higher than boys. Although girls have the right to get an education legally, in many rural regions of Pakistan girls are strongly discouraged from going to school and discriminated against, as there are violent acts such as acid throwing which many girls fall victim to for attending school. This is one of the main reasons why Pakistan has a really bad gender equality issues because most of them are not aware of the discrimination that they are facing right now and they are not educated about the importance of gender equality. 5.0  Solutions and discussions 5.1.  Existing SolutionsThis has begun to change with the issuance of government policy, by Imran Khan, in which 70% of new schools are built for girls and also they have plans to increase the size and the number of women’s school so that the infrastructure matches those of men’s schools and also  more female colleges have also been established in order to give women a higher level of education. Also since the number of activists, feminists, and politician females has been increasing in Pakistan, so the awareness of gender equality automatically has increased too. For instance women organisations starts showing up, or women gathered up together and do a protests and march in order to gain justice and defend themselves and eliminate the gender equality issues. 5.2.  PerspectivesFrom my perspective, the first thing that the government should do is to increase the number of schools in the rural areas and fix the literacy rate in the rural areas. And educate those who don’t understand about the importance of gender equality. An equal access to education, health care, decent work and participation or representation in political or economical world also needs to be provided. Government needs to take a deeper look into this situation and start taking positive steps to eliminate the inequality in Pakistan. And the mindset of the society itself in Pakistan needs to be changed, some of the men who still look down on women needs to learn how to respect and realize that women are on the same or equal level as them. And the women shouldn’t have to be modest to gain respect from people around them. To change the mindset of society, it has to be started from home. For instance, the parents need to educate their children about gender equality and inequality and human equal rights. The sons need to be educated what to do instead of forcing girls to learn what not to do and limitate their actions or what they want. 6.0 ConclusionTo conclude everything, Pakistan has issues with gender equality especially when it comes to education, politics, economics and the health care in the country. But, that doesn’t make Pakistan a bad country because even though they have some issues but they are fixing the issues and the women in Pakistan now are using their voice to be heard and to get the justice that they deserved.