Gay couples, it will bring the stability and healthiness

Gay marriage is universally accepted today when compared to several years ago. However, many politicians still argue if same-sex marriage should be legalized. Even though in the Constitution it states that everyone has equal rights, more than half the population in America still disagrees with same gender relationships. Accepting legal marriage rights under the law must be extended to homosexuals politically, socially and religiously.For years gay marriage has been a political issue since it is supported by the government and that they have certain privileges that a straight man or woman does not have. Even though legalizing gay marriage is somewhat frowned upon, as humans we should not stop someone from loving someone else in the same gender. In present day to protect the freedom that everyone has, The American government official allowed same-sex marriage on the 27th of June 2015. ” Today  is a big step in our march towards equality. Gay lesbian couples now have the right to marry, just like everyone else…America should be very proud” President Obama stated (Somanader). The acceptance of same-sex marriage in the U.S was a relief to the homosexusals and for foreigners in created hope that one day they would be able to marry the one they love. But before people agreed with same gender marriage a majority of the Supreme Court Justices and most of the lower courts widely rejected this argument, arguing that same-sex should not be praised and it would affect many people (Lopez). As this argument did not get rejected many people still don’t feel the need to legalize gay marriageAcknowledging gay marriage will not only affect the couple but everyone around them. It helps the society come to an understanding and will decrease some problems worldwide. Jonathan Rauch, a writer for the National Journal mentions, ” My personal view is gay marriage will have a significantly positive effect on gay people, non-gay people and on marriage, for gay couples, it will bring the stability and healthiness and happiness that marriage uniquely provides. For straight people it will bring all of the benefits of social stability that goes with marriage”(Vlahos). It would also increase the adoption rate which is a good thing since 10,000 and more kids are eligible for adoption as of now. Gay parents are much more motivated, involved, and committed than some hetersexual parents which help them create a secure home for the kids. A lot of kids that are raised in a same gender home are known to be more open minded and try different lifestyles and relationships than children who are raised in traditional opposite-sex household (LGBT).One of the many causes of the delay in legalizing gay marriage would be religion. Years ago people were taught to respect gays and look at them like you would see anyone else, but at one point things started to turn as some saw homosexuals with disgust and never wanted to be near them let alone be with them. They were a social outcast, restricted from doing things like visiting the church or temple since them praying to the god was a sin to others. Some cases went so far to as killing an homosexual because he or she broke the rules of a certain religion. Homosexuality is never against a religion and should never be referred back to a bible, Quran or others because a person can not change the way his or her body is developing. The United States is also a non religious nation so religion can not be allowed to decide on whether to legalize gay marriage. Religious beliefs about marriage also shouldn’t be embodied in laws in ways that restrict the freedom of others who do not share those beliefs. (Lipp)