Gardening wooden handle at the back. Blade can be

Gardening tools are must to make your job easy , productive and fun in the garden .If you are new to gardening or  planning to start a landscaping , I guess you are bit confused  in selecting the tools from hundreds.

Essential Gardening Tools

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Here I have made a list of tools that every gardener should have.


Spade is the most traditional and important tool for gardening. It has long handle and a sharp edge usually rectangular shape used for digging or cutting earth, sand, etc. A durable, comfortable ergonomic design can make gardening job very easy. You may find them usually 6-8 inches wide and 9-11 inches long suitable to spade up the ground. Further, preparing beds with this good edged tool can be great fun for you. Please take care to buy the best quality spade which is out of steel that will serve you for long time

Garden Trowel

Garden Trowel is one of the handiest and must use tools in the garden. It is a small hand tool that has sharp blade at the front and a plastic, metal or wooden handle at the back. Blade can be made of plastic, stainless steel or aluminum. Stainless steel is the stronger and sharper and this quality is the best so far while aluminum is lighter and plastic is cheaper

You can find this tool as pretty great for all of those smaller gardening tasks. With the help of these tools, you can break and scoop up soil. This tool also can be used for weeding, mixing additives. Moreover, for potting plants, this trowel is a must.

A sharp edge with ergonomic handy wooden handle can be an ideal trowel.


Digging Fork

Spade or trowel are perfect when the soil is not rocky or solid, but when it comes to dig into rocky or extremely compacted soil, they are no longer efficient for this kind of soil. In that case, you will need a digging fork undoubtedly.  Digging fork is a fork with four to six flat tined, sharp pointed tools are made of steel while it’s shaft and handles are made from fiberglass or wood.

By name you can guess the functions of this tools, it dig into the hard, compacted soil. While spade or trowel fails, digging fork are able to penetrate comfortably. It can dig up plants with tough root structure and cause less damage to root structures,

Pruning shears

Pruning Shears is a bit tough name to understand, but when I categories it under scissors, now so far you can understand this tools and its functions. Actually it is nothing than a fancy name for scissors. This amazing tool is used mainly for trimming and pruning trees and bushes. Further, you cut thorny flowers and remove damaged vegetation with these tools.

Pruning tools come in a variety of styles and options, but pick one which is the sturdy and durable.

Gardening Hose

watering can be a vital part of gardening to make your lawn healthy and hydrated. It is hose pipe that can make your watering jobs perfect and easy. A garden hosepipe is a flexible tube made of synthetic rubber or soft plastic and it usually belongs sprayers or sprinklers at the end to give water at one point or spread over a large area.

You need to measure the length you need based on your garden size while buying, no need to buy terribly long in case of your garden is small. Don’t go with cheap one, rather chose the best garden hose that has long life with kink-resistant.

Watering Can

Watering can is must have tool that every gardener should have to keep the garden green and healthy.

A watering can is a portable vessel usually with a spout and a handle used to pour water on plants in the garden. Usually it is made out of either plastic or metal. Plastic can is comparatively cheap lightweight and easy to carry but with less durability while metal can is strong, durable but liable to rust.

However, while buying please check the capacity, weight, comfort, pouring, spout length as per your need. Can should be easy and well-balanced to hold when filled with water. Select small one to reach plants at height or in tight spaces.


You should not carry the gardening load on your shoulder, rather you should use wheelbarrow for hauling loads.

Wheelbarrow is usually single-wheeled with small hand vehicle pushed and guided by a single person. It helps in carrying small loads of mulch, compost, debris, dead leaves of garden. Wheelbarrows are usually made from steel and heavy duty plastic; plastic load tub is light weight and easier for light weight hauling while metal tub is suitable for heavy weight maneuvering like timber, stone, concrete etc.

However, if you don’t have proper research on this tool, it can be bit confusing to choose the Best Wheelbarrow from the different types, qualities in the market.



Above listed essential tools will make you happy in gardening. Please make sure to buy the high quality tools. You may feel that initial cost is bit high, but they will last long time saving your money in the long run.